Aurelia Chenu
Aurelia Chenu
Associate Professor at Uni.Lu
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Coherence in energy transfer and photosynthesis
A Chenu, GD Scholes
Annual review of physical chemistry 66 (1), 69-96, 2015
Enhancement of vibronic and ground-state vibrational coherences in 2D spectra of photosynthetic complexes
A Chenu, N Christensson, HF Kauffmann, T Mančal
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Quantum speed limits across the quantum-to-classical transition
B Shanahan, A Chenu, N Margolus, A Del Campo
Physical review letters 120 (7), 070401, 2018
Quantum simulation of generic many-body open system dynamics using classical noise
A Chenu, M Beau, J Cao, A del Campo
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Superadiabatic quantum friction suppression in finite-time thermodynamics
S Deng, A Chenu, P Diao, F Li, S Yu, I Coulamy, A Del Campo, H Wu
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Shortcuts to adiabaticity in driven open quantum systems: Balanced gain and loss and non-Markovian evolution
S Alipour, A Chenu, AT Rezakhani, A del Campo
Quantum 4, 336, 2020
Work statistics, loschmidt echo and information scrambling in chaotic quantum systems
A Chenu, J Molina-Vilaplana, A Del Campo
Quantum 3, 127, 2019
Extreme decoherence and quantum chaos
Z Xu, LP García-Pintos, A Chenu, A Del Campo
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Quantum work statistics, Loschmidt echo and information scrambling
A Chenu, IL Egusquiza, J Molina-Vilaplana, A Del Campo
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Thermofield dynamics: Quantum chaos versus decoherence
Z Xu, A Chenu, T Prosen, A del Campo
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TRACE simulation of sodium boiling in pin bundle experiments under loss-of-flow conditions
A Chenu, K Mikityuk, R Chawla
Nuclear engineering and design 239 (11), 2417-2429, 2009
Spectral filtering induced by non-hermitian evolution with balanced gain and loss: Enhancing quantum chaos
J Cornelius, Z Xu, A Saxena, A Chenu, A Del Campo
Physical Review Letters 128 (19), 190402, 2022
Entropy-based formulation of thermodynamics in arbitrary quantum evolution
S Alipour, AT Rezakhani, A Chenu, A Del Campo, T Ala-Nissila
Physical Review A 105 (4), L040201, 2022
Pressure drop modeling and comparisons with experiments for single-and two-phase sodium flow
A Chenu, K Mikityuk, R Chawla
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Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian deformations in quantum mechanics
AS Matsoukas-Roubeas, F Roccati, J Cornelius, Z Xu, A Chenu, ...
Journal of High Energy Physics 2023 (1), 1-31, 2023
Shortcuts to adiabaticity in Fermi gases
P Diao, S Deng, F Li, S Yu, A Chenu, A Del Campo, H Wu
New Journal of Physics 20 (10), 105004, 2018
Dynamic coherence in excitonic molecular complexes under various excitation conditions
A Chenu, P Malý, T Mančal
Chemical Physics 439, 100-110, 2014
Friction-free quantum machines
A del Campo, A Chenu, S Deng, H Wu
Thermodynamics in the quantum regime: fundamental aspects and new directions …, 2018
Impact of the lipid bilayer on energy transfer kinetics in the photosynthetic protein LH2
JI Ogren, AL Tong, SC Gordon, A Chenu, Y Lu, RE Blankenship, J Cao, ...
Chemical science 9 (12), 3095-3104, 2018
Thermal light cannot be represented as a statistical mixture of single pulses
A Chenu, AM Brańczyk, GD Scholes, JE Sipe
Physical review letters 114 (21), 213601, 2015
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