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Development of broad virus resistance in non‐transgenic cucumber using CRISPR/Cas9 technology
J Chandrasekaran, M Brumin, D Wolf, D Leibman, C Klap, M Pearlsman, ...
Molecular plant pathology 17 (7), 1140-1153, 2016
The Arabidopsis thaliana proton transporters, AtNhx1 and Avp1, can function in cation detoxification in yeast
RA Gaxiola, R Rao, A Sherman, P Grisafi, SL Alper, GR Fink
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A genetic map of melon highly enriched with fruit quality QTLs and EST markers, including sugar and carotenoid metabolism genes
R Harel-Beja, G Tzuri, V Portnoy, M Lotan-Pompan, S Lev, S Cohen, ...
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QTL mapping in multiple populations and development stages reveals dynamic quantitative trait loci for fruit size in cucumbers of different market classes
Y Weng, M Colle, Y Wang, L Yang, M Rubinstein, A Sherman, R Ophir, ...
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The PH gene determines fruit acidity and contributes to the evolution of sweet melons
S Cohen, M Itkin, Y Yeselson, G Tzuri, V Portnoy, R Harel-Baja, S Lev, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4026, 2014
Four linked genes participate in controlling sporulation efficiency in budding yeast
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Global Aspects of pacC Regulation of Pathogenicity Genes in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides as Revealed by Transcriptome Analysis
N Alkan, X Meng, G Friedlander, E Reuveni, S Sukno, A Sherman, ...
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 26 (11), 1345-1358, 2013
Multiple and distinct activation and repression sequences mediate the regulated transcription of IME1, a transcriptional activator of meiosis-specific genes in Saccharomyces …
S Sagee, A Sherman, G Shenhar, K Robzyk, N Ben-Doy, G Simchen, ...
Molecular and cellular biology, 1998
Metabolism of soluble sugars in developing melon fruit: a global transcriptional view of the metabolic transition to sucrose accumulation
N Dai, S Cohen, V Portnoy, G Tzuri, R Harel-Beja, M Pompan-Lotan, ...
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Accumulation of the Mycotoxin Patulin in the Presence of Gluconic Acid Contributes to Pathogenicity of Penicillium expansum
S Barad, SB Horowitz, I Kobiler, A Sherman, D Prusky
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Integrated transcriptome catalogue and organ-specific profiling of gene expression in fertile garlic (Allium sativum L.)
R Kamenetsky, A Faigenboim, E Shemesh Mayer, T Ben Michael, ...
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A short chromosomal region with major roles in yeast chromosome III meiotic disjunction, recombination and double strand breaks.
M Goldway, A Sherman, D Zenvirth, T Arbel, G Simchen
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pH Regulation of Ammonia Secretion by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and Its Effect on Appressorium Formation and Pathogenicity
I Miyara, H Shafran, M Davidzon, A Sherman, D Prusky
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 23 (3), 304-316, 2010
Multi‐factor regulation of pectate lyase secretion by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides pathogenic on avocado fruits
I Miyara, H Shafran, H Kramer Haimovich, J Rollins, A Sherman, D Prusky
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Genetic map of mango: a tool for mango breeding
DN Kuhn, ISE Bally, NL Dillon, D Innes, AM Groh, J Rahaman, R Ophir, ...
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Ammonia activates pacC and patulin accumulation in an acidic environment during apple colonization by Penicillium expansum
S Barad, EA Espeso, A Sherman, D Prusky
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Role of Ammonia Secretion and pH Modulation on Pathogenicity of Colletotrichum coccodes on Tomato Fruit
N Alkan, R Fluhr, A Sherman, D Prusky
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 21 (8), 1058-1066, 2008
Single-nucleotide polymorphism markers from de-novo assembly of the pomegranate transcriptome reveal germplasm genetic diversity
R Ophir, A Sherman, M Rubinstein, R Eshed, M Sharabi Schwager, ...
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Development of new tools for studying gene function in fungi based on the Gateway system
H Shafran, I Miyara, R Eshed, D Prusky, A Sherman
Fungal Genetics and Biology 45 (8), 1147-1154, 2008
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