Haogang Cai
Haogang Cai
Tech4Health Institute, NYU School of Medicine; Biomedical Engineering, NYU School of Engineering
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Full control of ligand positioning reveals spatial thresholds for T cell receptor triggering
H Cai, J Muller, D Depoil, V Mayya, MP Sheetz, ML Dustin, SJ Wind
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Integrin nanoclusters can bridge thin matrix fibres to form cell–matrix adhesions
R Changede, H Cai, SJ Wind, MP Sheetz
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Design, simulation and fabrication of a novel contact-enhanced MEMS inertial switch with a movable contact point
H Cai, G Ding, Z Yang, Z Su, J Zhou, H Wang
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Analysis and elimination of the ‘skip contact’phenomenon in an inertial micro-switch for prolonging its contact time
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Molecular occupancy of nanodot arrays
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Broadband Liquid Crystal Tunable Metasurfaces in the Visible: Liquid Crystal Inhomogeneities Across the Metasurface Parameter Space
JA Dolan, H Cai, L Delalande, X Li, ABF Martinson, JJ de Pablo, D López, ...
ACS Photonics, 2021
Fabrication of a MEMS inertia switch on quartz substrate and evaluation of its threshold acceleration
H Cai, Z Yang, G Ding, X Zhao
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Improved glass surface passivation for single-molecule nanoarrays
H Cai, SJ Wind
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Bifunctional nanoarrays for probing the immune response at the single-molecule level
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Kirigami engineering—nanoscale structures exhibiting a range of controllable 3D configurations
X Zhang, L Medina, H Cai, V Aksyuk, HD Espinosa, D Lopez
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The CAR T‐Cell Mechanoimmunology at a Glance
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Contribution of Ferromagnetic Medium to the Output of Triboelectric Nanogenerators Derived from Maxwell's Equations
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Ultrathin transmissive metasurfaces for multi-wavelength optics in the visible
H Cai, D Czaplewski, K Ogando, A Martinson, D Gosztola, L Stan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 114 (7), 071106, 2019
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