Marian Florescu
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Designer disordered materials with large, complete photonic band gaps
M Florescu, S Torquato, PJ Steinhardt
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (49), 20658-20663, 2009
Isotropic band gaps and freeform waveguides observed in hyperuniform disordered photonic solids
W Man, M Florescu, EP Williamson, Y He, SR Hashemizad, BYC Leung, ...
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Photonic bandgap materials: towards an all-optical micro-transistor
S John, M Florescu
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M Florescu, S Torquato, PJ Steinhardt
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Single-atom switching in photonic crystals
M Florescu, S John
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W Man, M Florescu, K Matsuyama, P Yadak, G Nahal, S Hashemizad, ...
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Improving solar cell efficiency using photonic band-gap materials
M Florescu, H Lee, I Puscasu, M Pralle, L Florescu, DZ Ting, JP Dowling
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Resonance fluorescence in photonic band gap waveguide architectures: Engineering the vacuum for all-optical switching
M Florescu, S John
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M Florescu, PJ Steinhardt, S Torquato
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Spin relaxation in lateral quantum dots: Effects of spin-orbit interaction
M Florescu, P Hawrylak
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Highly efficient near-infrared hybrid organic-inorganic nanocrystal electroluminescence device
KN Bourdakos, D Dissanayake, T Lutz, SRP Silva, RJ Curry
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Mechanochromic and thermochromic sensors based on graphene infused polymer opals
I Jurewicz, AAK King, R Shanker, MJ Large, RJ Smith, R Maspero, ...
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Local self-uniformity in photonic networks
SR Sellers, W Man, S Sahba, M Florescu
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Thermal radiation in photonic crystals
M Florescu, K Busch, JP Dowling
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Fast assembly of gold nanoparticles in large-area 2D nanogrids using a one-step, near-infrared radiation-assisted evaporation process
A Utgenannt, R Maspero, A Fortini, R Turner, M Florescu, C Jeynes, ...
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Thermal emission and absorption of radiation in finite inverted-opal photonic crystals
M Florescu, H Lee, AJ Stimpson, J Dowling
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Hyperuniform disordered phononic structures
G Gkantzounis, T Amoah, M Florescu
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High-Q optical cavities in hyperuniform disordered materials
T Amoah, M Florescu
Physical Review B 91 (2), 020201, 2015
Effects of random link removal on the photonic band gaps of honeycomb networks
M Florescu, S Torquato, PJ Steinhardt
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Reciprocal space engineering with hyperuniform gold disordered surfaces
M Castro-Lopez, M Gaio, S Sellers, G Gkantzounis, M Florescu, ...
APL Photonics 2 (6), 2017
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