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An internationally standardised antisaccade protocol
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Towards testing auditory–vocal interfaces and detecting distraction while driving: A comparison of eye-movement measures in the assessment of cognitive workload
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Latencies of stimulus-driven eye movements are shorter in dyslexic subjects
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The effect of age and personality on the main cognitive processes in drivers
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When sugar-coated words taste dry: The relationship between gender, anxiety, and response to irony
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Validation of selected temperament and personality questionnaires for diagnosing drivers’ aptitude for safe driving. A Polish study
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O metodologii badań eyetrackingowych
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A comparative analysis of static balance between patients with lumbar spinal canal stenosis and asymptomatic participants
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Self-reported drivers’ behaviour: an application of DBQ in Poland
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+ Gz load and executive functions
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Static balance assessment in patients with severe osteoarthritis of the knee
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Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain in polish and Norwegian women
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Evaluation of functional outcomes in individuals 10 years after posterior lumbar interbody fusion with corundum implants and decompression: a comparison of 2 surgical techniques
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Are longer advertising slogans more dangerous? The influence of the length of ad slogans on drivers’ attention and motor behavior
J Harasimczuk, NE Maliszewski, A Olejniczak-Serowiec, A Tarnowski
Current Psychology 40, 429-441, 2021
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