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The profile of a ‘perfect’invader–the case of killer shrimp, Dikerogammarus villosus
T Rewicz, M Grabowski, C MacNeil, K Bącela-Spychalska
Aquatic Invasions 9 (3), 267-288, 2014
The ‘killer shrimp’ Dikerogammarus villosus (Crustacea, Amphipoda) invading Alpine lakes: overland transport by recreational boats and scuba‐diving gear as …
K Bacela‐Spychalska, M Grabowski, T Rewicz, A Konopacka, R Wattier
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 23 (4), 606-618, 2013
Out of the Black Sea: Phylogeography of the Invasive Killer Shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus across Europe.
T Rewicz, R Wattier, M Grabowski, T Rigaud, K Bącela-Spychalska
PloS one 10 (2), e0118121-e0118121, 2015
Neogene paleogeography provides context for understanding the origin and spatial distribution of cryptic diversity in a widespread Balkan freshwater amphipod
M Grabowski, T Mamos, K Bącela-Spychalska, T Rewicz, RA Wattier
PeerJ 5, e3016, 2017
Europe-wide reassessment of Dictyocoela (Microsporidia) infecting native and invasive amphipods (Crustacea): molecular versus ultrastructural traits
K Bacela-Spychalska, P Wróblewski, T Mamos, M Grabowski, T Rigaud, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 1-16, 2018
Continental-scale patterns of hyper-cryptic diversity within the freshwater model taxon Gammarus fossarum (Crustacea, Amphipoda)
R Wattier, T Mamos, D Copilaş-Ciocianu, M Jelić, A Ollivier, A Chaumot, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-16, 2020
Cryptic invasion of Baltic lowlands by freshwater amphipod of Pontic origin.
M Grabowski, T Rewicz, K Bacela-Spychalska, A Konopacka, T Mamos, ...
Aquatic Invasions 7 (3), 2012
Persistence of phylogeographic footprints helps to understand cryptic diversity detected in two marine amphipods widespread in the Mediterranean basin
K Hupało, MAL Teixeira, T Rewicz, M Sezgin, V Iannilli, GS Karaman, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 132, 53-66, 2019
Cryptic diversity and mtDNA phylogeography of the invasive demon shrimp, Dikerogammarus haemobaphes (Eichwald, 1841), in Europe.
AM Jazdzewska, T Rewicz, T Mamos, R Wattier, K Bacela-Spychalska, ...
NeoBiota 57 (6), 53-86, 2020
The killer shrimp, Dikerogammarus villosus, invading European Alpine Lakes: A single main source but independent founder events with an overall loss of genetic diversity
T Rewicz, R Wattier, T Rigaud, M Grabowski, T Mamos, ...
Freshwater Biology, 2017
Pollinator diversity and reproductive success of Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz (Orchidaceae) in anthropogenic and natural habitats
A Rewicz, R Jaskuła, T Rewicz, G Tończyk
PeerJ 5, e3159, 2017
Taxonomic etymology – in search of inspiration
P Jóźwiak, T Rewicz, K Pabis
ZooKeys 513, 143-160, 2015
Successful post-glacial colonization of Europe by single lineage of freshwater amphipod from its Pannonian Plio-Pleistocene diversification hotspot
H Csapó, P Krzywoźniak, M Grabowski, R Wattier, K Bącela-Spychalska, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-15, 2020
First insights into the molecular population structure and origins of the invasive Chinese sleeper, Perccottus glenii, in Europe
J Grabowska, Y Kvach, T Rewicz, M Pupins, I Kutsokon, I Dykyy, L Antal, ...
NeoBiota 57, 87-107, 2020
Catch fast and kill quickly: do tiger beetles use the same strategies when hunting different types of prey?
T Rewicz, R Jaskuła
PeerJ 6, e5971, 2018
Pleistocene phylogeography and cryptic diversity of a tiger beetle, Calomera littoralis, in North-Eastern Mediterranean and Pontic regions inferred from mitochondrial COI gene …
R Jaskuła, T Rewicz, M Płóciennik, M Grabowski
PeerJ 4, e2128, 2016
First records of two formerly overlooked Ponto-Caspian amphipods from Turkey, Echinogammarus trichiatus (Martynov, 1932) and Dikerogammarus villosus (Sovinsky, 2
T Rewicz, A Konopacka, K Bącela-Spychalska, M Özbek, M Grabowski
Turkish Journal of Zoology 40, 328-335, 2016
Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae) of Tunisia: Distribution, Phenology, Taxa List and New Records
R Jaskuła, T Rewicz
African Entomology 23 (2), 467-485, 2015
Morphological variability of Consolida regalis seeds of south-eastern and central Europe
A Rewicz, A Bomanowska, J Magda, T Rewicz
Systematics and Biodiversity 15 (1), 25-34, 2017
Morphology and genome size of Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz (Orchidaceae) growing in anthropogenic and natural habitats
A Rewicz, M Rewers, I Jędrzejczyk, T Rewicz, J Kołodziejek, ...
PeerJ 6, e5992, 2018
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