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Selfie posting behaviors are associated with narcissism among men
P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, A Oleszkiewicz, T Frackowiak, A Huk, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 85, 123-127, 2015
Selfies and personality: Who posts self-portrait photographs?
A Sorokowska, A Oleszkiewicz, T Frackowiak, K Pisanski, A Chmiel, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 90, 119-123, 2016
Updated Sniffin’Sticks normative data based on an extended sample of 9139 subjects
A Oleszkiewicz, VA Schriever, I Croy, A Hähner, T Hummel
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 276 (3), 719-728, 2019
Who uses emoticons? Data from 86 702 Facebook users
A Oleszkiewicz, M Karwowski, K Pisanski, P Sorokowski, B Sobrado, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 119 (1), 289-295, 2017
Sex differences in online selfie posting behaviors predict histrionic personality scores among men but not women
P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, T Frackowiak, M Karwowski, I Rusicka, ...
Computers in Human Behavior 59, 368–373, 2016
Voice-based assessments of trustworthiness, competence, and warmth in blind and sighted adults
A Oleszkiewicz, K Pisanski, K Lachowicz-Tabaczek, A Sorokowska
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 24 (3), 856–862, 2017
Development of the Arabic version of the “Sniffin’Sticks” odor identification test
A Oleszkiewicz, M Taut, A Sorokowska, A Radwan, R Kamel, T Hummel
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 273 (5), 1179-1184, 2015
Sex differences in mate preferences across 45 countries: A large-scale replication
KV Walter, D Conroy-Beam, DM Buss, K Asao, A Sorokowska, ...
Psychological science 31 (4), 408-423, 2020
Developmental Changes in Adolescents' Olfactory Performance and Significance of Olfaction
A Oleszkiewicz, U Walliczek-Dworschak, F Klötze Paula, Gerber, I Croy, ...
PLoS One 11 (6), e0157560, 2016
Examination of olfactory training effectiveness in relation to its complexity and the cause of olfactory loss
A Oleszkiewicz, S Hanf, KL Whitcroft, A Haehner, T Hummel
The Laryngoscope 128 (7), 1518-1522, 2018
Voice pitch modulation in human mate choice
K Pisanski, A Oleszkiewicz, J Plachetka, M Gmiterek, D Reby
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285 (1893), 20181634, 2018
Can blind persons accurately assess body size from the voice?
K Pisanski, A Oleszkiewicz, A Sorokowska
Biology Letters 12 (4), 20160063-, 2016
Voice of authority: professionals lower their vocal frequencies when giving expert advice
P Sorokowski, D Puts, J Johnson, O Żółkiewicz, A Oleszkiewicz, ...
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior 43 (2), 257-269, 2019
Chemical complexity of odors increases reliability of olfactory threshold testing
A Oleszkiewicz, R Pellegrino, K Pusch, C Margot, T Hummel
Scientific Reports 7, 39977, 2017
Perceived competence and warmth influence respect, liking and trust in work relations
A Oleszkiewicz, K Lachowicz-Tabaczek
Polish Psychological Bulletin 47 (4), 431-435, 2016
Whose nose does not know? Demographical characterization of people unaware of anosmia
A Oleszkiewicz, T Hummel
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, 2019
Consequences of undetected olfactory loss for human chemosensory communication and well-being
T Oleszkiewicz, Anna, Kunkel, Friederike, Larsson, Maria, Hummel
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, 2020
Children can accurately recognize facial emotions from emoticons
A Oleszkiewicz, T Frackowiak, A Sorokowska, P Sorokowski
Computers and Human Behavior 76, 372-377, 2017
Quality of life in patients with olfactory loss is better predicted by flavor identification than by orthonasal olfactory function
A Oleszkiewicz, D Park, K Resler, J Draf, A Schulze, Y Zang, A Hähner, ...
Chemical senses 44 (6), 371-377, 2019
Olfactory threshold and odor discrimination ability in children – evaluation of a modified " Sniffin' Sticks " test
J Gellrich, C Stetzler, A Oleszkiewicz, T Hummel, VA Schriever
Scientific Reports 7 (1928), 2017
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