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A review of principle and sun-tracking methods for maximizing solar systems output
H Mousazadeh, A Keyhani, A Javadi, H Mobli, K Abrinia, A Sharifi
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 13 (8), 1800-1818, 2009
Energy use and economical analysis of potato production in Iran a case study: Ardabil province
A Mohammadi, A Tabatabaeefar, S Shahin, S Rafiee, A Keyhani
Energy Conversion and Management 49 (12), 3566-3570, 2008
An assessment of wind energy potential as a power generation source in the capital of Iran, Tehran
A Keyhani, M Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti, M Khanali, R Abbaszadeh
Energy 35 (1), 188-201, 2010
Sensitivity analysis of energy inputs for barley production in Hamedan Province of Iran
HG Mobtaker, A Keyhani, A Mohammadi, S Rafiee, A Akram
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 137 (3-4), 367-372, 2010
Some physical properties of rough rice (Oryza Sativa L.) grain
MG Varnamkhasti, H Mobli, A Jafari, AR Keyhani, MH Soltanabadi, ...
Journal of Cereal Science 47 (3), 496-501, 2008
Kinetic models for colour changes in kiwifruit slices during hot air drying
A Mohammadi, S Rafiee, Z Emam-Djomeh, A Keyhani
World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 4 (3), 376-383, 2008
Energy balance in Iran's agronomy (1990–2006)
IB Tabar, A Keyhani, S Rafiee
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 14 (2), 849-855, 2010
Wind speed and power density analysis based on Weibull and Rayleigh distributions (a case study: Firouzkooh county of Iran)
PS SH Pishgar-Komleh, A Keyhani
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 42, 313-322, 2015
Potential greenhouse gas emission reductions in soybean farming: a combined use of life cycle assessment and data envelopment analysis
A Mohammadi, S Rafiee, A Jafari, T Dalgaard, MT Knudsen, A Keyhani, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 54, 89-100, 2013
A review of macroalgae production, with potential applications in biofuels and bioenergy
M Ghadiryanfar, KA Rosentrater, A Keyhani, M Omid
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 54, 473-481, 2016
Potential of radial basis function based support vector regression for global solar radiation prediction
Z Ramedani, M Omid, A Keyhani, S Shamshirband, B Khoshnevisan
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 39, 1005-1011, 2014
Some physical properties of date fruit (cv. Dairi)
MK Jahromi, S Rafiee, A Jafari, MRG Bousejin, R Mirasheh, ...
International Agrophysics 22 (3), 221-224, 2008
Energy use and economic analysis of corn silage production under three cultivated area levels in Tehran province of Iran
SHP Komleh, A Keyhani, SH Rafiee, P Sefeedpary
Energy 36 (5), 3335-3341, 2011
Joint Life Cycle Assessment and Data Envelopment Analysis for the benchmarking of environmental impacts in rice paddy production
A Mohammadi, S Rafiee, A Jafari, A Keyhani, T Dalgaard, MT Knudsen, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 106, 521-532, 2015
Energy use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of farming systems in north Iran
A Mohammadi, S Rafiee, A Jafari, A Keyhani, SH Mousavi-Avval, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 30, 724-733, 2014
Color image segmentation with genetic algorithm in a raisin sorting system based on machine vision in variable conditions
M Abbasgholipour, M Omid, A Keyhani, SS Mohtasebi
Expert Systems with Applications 38 (4), 3671-3678, 2011
Mathematical modeling of thin layer drying kinetics of tomato influence of air dryer conditions
A Taheri-Garavand, S Rafiee, A Keyhani
Int Trans. J. Eng. Manage. Sci. Tech 2, 147-160, 2011
Energy use and Sensitivity analysis of energy inputs for alfalfa production in Iran
HG Mobtaker, A Akram, A Keyhani
Energy for Sustainable Development 16 (1), 84-89, 2012
Some physical properties of orange (var. Tompson)
M Sharifi, S Rafiee, A Keyhani, A Jafari, H Mobli, A Rajabipour, A Akram
International Agrophysics 21 (4), 391, 2007
Determination of suitable thin layer drying curve model for apple slices (variety-Golab)
E Meisami-Asl, S Rafiee, A Keyhani, A Tabatabaeefar
Plant Omics 3 (3), 103, 2010
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