Yuval Oreg
Yuval Oreg
Professor of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Helical liquids and Majorana bound states in quantum wires
Y Oreg, G Refael, F Von Oppen
Physical review letters 105 (17), 177002, 2010
Zero-bias peaks and splitting in an Al–InAs nanowire topological superconductor as a signature of Majorana fermions
A Das, Y Ronen, Y Most, Y Oreg, M Heiblum, H Shtrikman
Nature Physics 8 (12), 887-895, 2012
Non-Abelian statistics and topological quantum information processing in 1D wire networks
J Alicea, Y Oreg, G Refael, F Von Oppen, MPA Fisher
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RM Lutchyn, EPAM Bakkers, LP Kouwenhoven, P Krogstrup, CM Marcus, ...
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T Karzig, C Knapp, RM Lutchyn, P Bonderson, MB Hastings, C Nayak, ...
Physical Review B 95 (23), 235305, 2017
Observation of the two-channel Kondo effect
RM Potok, IG Rau, H Shtrikman, Y Oreg, D Goldhaber-Gordon
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U Zondiner, A Rozen, D Rodan-Legrain, Y Cao, R Queiroz, T Taniguchi, ...
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Universal topological quantum computation from a superconductor-abelian quantum hall heterostructure
RSK Mong, DJ Clarke, J Alicea, NH Lindner, P Fendley, C Nayak, Y Oreg, ...
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M Banerjee, M Heiblum, V Umansky, DE Feldman, Y Oreg, A Stern
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J Maciejko, C Liu, Y Oreg, XL Qi, C Wu, SC Zhang
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Thermopower of single-molecule devices
J Koch, F Von Oppen, Y Oreg, E Sela
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Coulomb drag in normal metals and superconductors: Diagrammatic approach
A Kamenev, Y Oreg
Physical Review B 52 (10), 7516, 1995
Observed quantization of anyonic heat flow
M Banerjee, M Heiblum, A Rosenblatt, Y Oreg, DE Feldman, A Stern, ...
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U Gerland, J von Delft, TA Costi, Y Oreg
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L Jiang, D Pekker, J Alicea, G Refael, Y Oreg, F von Oppen
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Two-channel Kondo effect in a modified single electron transistor
Y Oreg, D Goldhaber-Gordon
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Entropic evidence for a Pomeranchuk effect in magic-angle graphene
A Rozen, JM Park, U Zondiner, Y Cao, D Rodan-Legrain, T Taniguchi, ...
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On relaxations and aging of various glasses
A Amir, Y Oreg, Y Imry
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (6), 1850-1855, 2012
Fractional shot noise in the Kondo regime
E Sela, Y Oreg, F Von Oppen, J Koch
Physical review letters 97 (8), 086601, 2006
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