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Marta Pogrzeba
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Phytoextraction crop disposal—an unsolved problem
A Sas-Nowosielska, R Kucharski, E Małkowski, M Pogrzeba, ...
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Progress in upscaling Miscanthus biomass production for the European bio‐economy with seed‐based hybrids
J Clifton‐Brown, A Hastings, M Mos, JP McCalmont, C Ashman, ...
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G Żurek, K Rybka, M Pogrzeba, J Krzyżak, K Prokopiuk
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Relationships between soil parameters and physiological status of Miscanthus x giganteus cultivated on soil contaminated with trace elements under NPK fertilisation vs …
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Macroelements and heavy metals content in energy crops cultivated on contaminated soil under different fertilization—case studies on autumn harvest
M Pogrzeba, S Rusinowski, J Krzyżak
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (12), 12096-12106, 2018
Changes in Enzyme Activities and Microbial Community Structure in Heavy Metal‐Contaminated Soil under in Situ Aided Phytostabilization
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A heavy metal environmental threat resulting from combustion of biofuels of plant origin
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Environmental heavy metal pollution and effects on child mental development …, 2011
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Implementing miscanthus into farming systems: A review of agronomic practices, capital and labour demand
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Cultivation of C4 perennial energy grasses on heavy metal contaminated arable land: impact on soil, biomass, and photosynthetic traits
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Harvest date and leaf: stem ratio determine methane hectare yield of miscanthus biomass
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Influence of short-term macronutrient deprivation in maize on photosynthetic characteristics, transpiration and pigment content
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How autochthonous microorganisms influence physiological status of Zea mays L. cultivated on heavy metal contaminated soils?
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Fuel characterization and thermal degradation kinetics of biomass from phytoremediation plants
KQ Tran, S Werle, TT Trinh, A Magdziarz, S Sobek, M Pogrzeba
Biomass and Bioenergy 134, 105469, 2020
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