Xinzhi Liu
Xinzhi Liu
School of Physics, Sun Yat-Sen University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Tuning anionic redox activity and reversibility for a high‐capacity Li‐rich Mn‐based oxide cathode via an integrated strategy
Q Li, D Zhou, L Zhang, D Ning, Z Chen, Z Xu, R Gao, X Liu, D Xie, ...
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Zero Thermal Expansion in Magnetic and Metallic Tb(Co,Fe)2 Intermetallic Compounds
Y Song, J Chen, X Liu, C Wang, J Zhang, H Liu, H Zhu, L Hu, K Lin, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (2), 602-605, 2018
Strong second harmonic generation in a tungsten bronze oxide by enhancing local structural distortion
K Lin, P Gong, S Chu, Q Li, Z Lin, H Wu, Q Wang, J Wang, MJ Kim, K Kato, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (16), 7480-7486, 2020
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Scientific reports 6 (1), 33448, 2016
Hidden spin-order-induced room-temperature ferroelectricity in a peculiar conical magnetic structure
SP Shen, XZ Liu, YS Chai, A Studer, K Rule, K Zhai, LQ Yan, DS Shang, ...
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Structure, Magnetism, and Tunable Negative Thermal Expansion in (Hf,Nb)Fe2 Alloys
Y Song, J Chen, X Liu, C Wang, Q Gao, Q Li, L Hu, J Zhang, S Zhang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (17), 7078-7082, 2017
Opposite Thermal Expansion in Isostructural Noncollinear Antiferromagnetic Compounds of Mn3A (A = Ge and Sn)
Y Song, Y Qiao, Q Huang, C Wang, X Liu, Q Li, J Chen, X Xing
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Field dependence of the ferromagnetic/superconducting proximity effect in a YBCO/STO/LCMO multilayer
OHC Paull, AV Pan, GL Causer, SA Fedoseev, A Jones, X Liu, ...
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Magnetization characteristic of ferromagnetic thin strip by measuring anisotropic magnetoresistance and ferromagnetic resonance
Z Wang, G Yu, X Liu, B Zhang, X Chen, W Lu
Solid State Communications 182, 10-13, 2014
Reversibility of spin-induced electric polarization in multiferroic hexaferrites
S Shen, X Liu, Y Chai, AJ Studer, C He, S Wang, Y Sun
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Structure, Phase Transition, and Controllable Thermal Expansion Behaviors of Sc2–xFexMo3O12
M Wu, X Liu, D Chen, Q Huang, H Wu, Y Liu
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D Ning, A Baki, T Scherb, J Song, A Fantin, X Liu, G Schumacher, ...
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Microscopic evidence of a quantum magnetization process in the triangular-lattice Heisenberg-like antiferromagnet
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Structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Sc modified (1− y) BiFeO3–yBaTiO3 ceramics
C Shi, X Liu, Y Hao, Z Hu
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The nonlinear Rashba effect in Hg0. 77Cd0. 23Te inversion layers probed by weak antilocalization analysis
XZ Liu, G Yu, LM Wei, T Lin, YG Xu, JR Yang, YF Wei, SL Guo, JH Chu, ...
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Insights into P2-type layered positive electrodes for sodium batteries: from long-to short-range order
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Applied Physics Letters 99 (4), 2011
Crystal structure and negative thermal expansion of solid solution Y2W3−xMoxO12
J Peng, MM Wu, FL Guo, SB Han, YT Liu, DF Chen, XH Zhao, Z Hu
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Structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Bi1− ySryFe (1− y)(1− x) Sc (1− y) xTiyO3 (x= 0–0.2, y= 0.1–0.3) ceramics
CY Shi, XZ Liu, YM Hao, ZB Hu
Materials Research Bulletin 46 (3), 378-383, 2011
Neutron powder diffraction investigation of magnetic structure and spin reorientation transition of HoFe1-xCrxO3 solid solutions
X Liu, L Hao, Y Liu, X Ma, S Meng, Y Li, J Gao, H Guo, W Han, K Sun, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 417, 382-388, 2016
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