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Slawomir Sujecki
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Mid-infrared supercontinuum covering the 1.4–13.3 μm molecular fingerprint region using ultra-high NA chalcogenide step-index fibre
CR Petersen, U Møller, I Kubat, B Zhou, S Dupont, J Ramsay, T Benson, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (11), 830-834, 2014
Progress in rare-earth-doped mid-infrared fiber lasers
AB Seddon, Z Tang, D Furniss, S Sujecki, TM Benson
Optics express 18 (25), 26704-26719, 2010
C3‐Symmetric Lanthanide Tris(alkoxide) Complexes Formed by Preferential Complexation and Their Stereoselective Polymerization of rac‐Lactide
PL Arnold, JC Buffet, RP Blaudeck, S Sujecki, AJ Blake, C Wilson
Angewandte Chemie 120 (32), 6122-6125, 2008
Study of mid-infrared laser action in chalcogenide rare earth doped glass with Dy 3+, Pr 3+ and Tb 3+
Z Tang, H Zhu, E Bereś-Pawlik, D Furniss, AB Seddon, TM Benson, ...
Optical Materials Express 2 (11), 1632-1640, 2012
Low loss Ge-As-Se chalcogenide glass fiber, fabricated using extruded preform, for mid-infrared photonics
Z Tang, VS Shiryaev, D Furniss, L Sojka, S Sujecki, TM Benson, ...
Optical Materials Express 5 (8), 1722-1737, 2015
Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation to 12.5 μm in large NA chalcogenide step-index fibres pumped at 4.5 μm
I Kubat, CS Agger, U Møller, AB Seddon, Z Tang, S Sujecki, TM Benson, ...
Optics express 22 (16), 19169-19182, 2014
Broadband, mid-infrared emission from Pr3+ doped GeAsGaSe chalcogenide fiber, optically clad
L Sójka, Z Tang, D Furniss, H Sakr, A Oladeji, E Bereś-Pawlik, ...
Optical Materials 36 (6), 1076-1082, 2014
Refractive index dispersion of chalcogenide glasses for ultra-high numerical-aperture fiber for mid-infrared supercontinuum generation
HG Dantanarayana, N Abdel-Moneim, Z Tang, L Sojka, S Sujecki, ...
Optical Materials Express 4 (7), 1444-1455, 2014
Nonlinear properties of tapered laser cavities
S Sujecki, L Borruel, J Wykes, P Moreno, B Sumpf, P Sewell, H Wenzel, ...
IEEE Journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 9 (3), 823-834, 2003
Design and simulation of next-generation high-power, high-brightness laser diodes
JJ Lim, S Sujecki, L Lang, Z Zhang, D Paboeuf, G Pauliat, G Lucas-Leclin, ...
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L Borruel, S Sujecki, P Moreno, J Wykes, M Krakowski, B Sumpf, P Sewell, ...
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 40 (5), 463-472, 2004
Mid-infrared photoluminescence in small-core fiber of praseodymium-ion doped selenide-based chalcogenide glass
Z Tang, D Furniss, M Fay, H Sakr, L Sójka, N Neate, N Weston, S Sujecki, ...
Optical Materials Express 5 (4), 870-886, 2015
Ligand Recognition Processes in the Formation of Homochiral C3‐Symmetric LnL3 Complexes of a Chiral Alkoxide
PL Arnold, JC Buffet, R Blaudeck, S Sujecki, C Wilson
Chemistry–A European Journal 15 (33), 8241-8250, 2009
Modelling of a simple Dy 3+ doped chalcogenide glass fibre laser for mid-infrared light generation
S Sujecki, L Sójka, E Bereś-Pawlik, Z Tang, D Furniss, AB Seddon, ...
Optical and Quantum Electronics 42 (2), 69-79, 2010
Superior photoluminescence (PL) of Pr 3+-In, compared to Pr 3+-Ga, selenide-chalcogenide bulk glasses and PL of optically-clad fiber
H Sakr, D Furniss, Z Tang, L Sojka, NA Moneim, E Barney, S Sujecki, ...
Optics express 22 (18), 21236-21252, 2014
Narrow-line coherently combined tapered laser diodes in a Talbot external cavity with a volume Bragg grating
D Paboeuf, G Lucas-Leclin, P Georges, N Michel, M Krakowski, J Lim, ...
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Crystallization behavior of Dy3+-doped selenide glasses
Z Tang, NC Neate, D Furniss, S Sujecki, TM Benson, AB Seddon
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Novel vectorial analysis of optical waveguides
S Sujecki, TM Benson, P Sewell, PC Kendall
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Mid-infrared emission in Tb3+-doped selenide glass fiber
L Sojka, Z Tang, D Furniss, H Sakr, Y Fang, E Beres-Pawlik, TM Benson, ...
JOSA B 34 (3), A70-A79, 2017
Numerical and experimental investigation of mid-infrared laser action in resonantly pumped Pr3+ doped chalcogenide fibre
L Sójka, Z Tang, D Furniss, H Sakr, E Bereś-Pawlik, AB Seddon, ...
Optical and Quantum Electronics 49 (1), 21, 2017
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