Hassan Nazeer Chaudhry
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A machine learning approach for feature selection traffic classification using security analysis
M Shafiq, X Yu, AK Bashir, HN Chaudhry, D Wang
The Journal of Supercomputing 74 (10), 4867-4892, 2018
Joint sparse channel recovery with quantized feedback for multi-user massive MIMO systems
F Kulsoom, A Vizziello, HN Chaudhry, P Savazzi
IEEE Access 8, 11046-11060, 2020
Sentiment analysis of before and after elections: Twitter data of US election 2020
HN Chaudhry, Y Javed, F Kulsoom, Z Mehmood, ZI Khan, U Shoaib, ...
Electronics 10 (17), 2082, 2021
Privacy Preserving Time-Series Forecasting of User Health Data Streams
S Imtiaz, SF Horchidan, Z Abbas, M Arsalan, HN Chaudhry, V Vlassov
IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2020, 2020
Pilot Reduction Techniques for Sparse Channel Estimation in Massive MIMO Systems
F Kulsoom, A Vizziello, HN Chaudhry, P Savazzi
IEEE/IFIP WONS 2018 , Isola 2000, France, 2018
Localization and classification of human facial emotions using local intensity order pattern and shape-based texture features
T Kalsum, Z Mehmood, F Kulsoom, HN Chaudhry, AR Khan, M Rashid, ...
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 1-21, 2021
Real-time text analytics pipeline using open-source big data tools
H Nazeer, W Iqbal, F Bokhari, F Bukhari, SUR Baig
arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.04344, 2017
FlowGraph: Distributed temporal pattern detection over dynamically evolving graphs
HN Chaudhry
DEBS '19: The 13th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event …, 2019
Design trade off and performance analysis of router architectures in network-on-chip
J Latif, HN Chaudhry, S Azam
Procedia Computer Science 56, 421-426, 2015
Performance evaluation of modern network-on-chip router architectures
J Latif, S Azam, HN Chaudhry, T Muhammad
International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems 5 (02), 2016
A Review of Machine Learning-based Human Activity Recognition for Diverse Applications
F Kulsoom, S Narejo, Z Mehmood, HN Chaudhry, A butt, AK Bashir
Neural Computing and Applications, 2022
Profiling Casualty Severity Levels of Road Accident Using Weighted Majority Voting
S Awan, Z Mehmood, HN Chaudhry, U Tariq, A Rehman, T Saba, ...
Computers, Materials and Continua 71 (2), 4609-4626, 2022
Local-Tetra-Patterns for Face Recognition Encoded on Spatial Pyramid Matching
KN Khayam, Z Mehmood, HN Chaudhry, MU Ashraf, U Tariq, MN Altouri, ...
Temporal Pattern Recognition in Graph Data Structures
P Daverio, HN Chaudhry, A Margara, M Rossi
6th Workshop on Real-time Stream Analytics, Stream Mining, CER/CEP & Stream …, 2021
Machine Learning with Reconfigurable Privacy on Resource-Limited Computing Devices
S Imtiaz, Z Tania, HN Chaudhry, M Arsalan, R Sadre, V Vlassov
12th International conference workshop on trust, security and privacy for …, 2021
Passive Framework of Sparse Region Duplication Detection from Digital Images
Z Mehmood, HN Chaudhry, RA Naqvi, F Kulsoom, A Munshi, M Bilal
Journal of Sensors 2022, 2022
Transfer learning-based method for detection of COVID-19 using X-Ray Images
A Rehman, Z Tariq, MU Khan, S Aziz, HN Chaudry
4th International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Industry ICRAI 2021, 2021
Reducing impact of doppler effect by employing distributed compressed sensing
SZ Haider, O Rasheed, F Kulsoom, HN Chaudhry
6th International Multitopic ICT conference 2021 (IMTIC 21), 2021
Temporal Reasoning on Large-Scale Graphs
P Daverio, HN Chaudhry, A Margara, M Rossi
Workshop on Reasoning about ACtions and Events over Streams (RACES 2020), 2020
Temporal Pattern Recognition in Large Scale Graphs
HN Chaudhry, A Margara, M Rossi
Proceedings of the 13th ACM International Conference on Distributed and …, 2019
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