Andrzej Katunin
Andrzej Katunin
Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, Silesian University of Technology
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Damage identification in aircraft composite structures: a case study using various non-destructive testing techniques
A Katunin, K Dragan, M Dziendzikowski
Composite Structures 127, 1-9, 2015
Damage identification in composite plates using two-dimensional B-spline wavelets
A Katunin
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A Katunin
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Synthesis and characterization of the electrically conductive polymeric composite for lightning strike protection of aircraft structures
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Stone impact damage identification in composite plates using modal data and quincunx wavelet analysis
A Katunin
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Fabrication and application of electrically conducting composites for electromagnetic interference shielding of remotely piloted aircraft systems
R Turczyn, K Krukiewicz, A Katunin, J Sroka, P Sul
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Concept of a conducting composite material for lightning strike protection
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Early crack detection of reinforced concrete structure using embedded sensors
J Chakraborty, A Katunin, P Klikowicz, M Salamak
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A Katunin, P Przystałka
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Criticality of the self-heating effect in polymers and polymer matrix composites during fatigue, and their application in non-destructive testing
A Katunin
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A Katunin
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Self‐heating of polymeric laminated composite plates under the resonant vibrations: Theoretical and experimental study
A Katunin, M Fidali
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The effect of reaction medium on the conductivity and morphology of polyaniline doped with camphorsulfonic acid
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Nondestructive damage assessment of composite structures based on wavelet analysis of modal curvatures: State-of-the-art review and description of wavelet-based damage …
A Katunin
Shock and Vibration 2015, 2015
Influence of heating rate on evolution of dynamic properties of polymeric laminates
A Katunin, A Gnatowski
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Localizing impact damage of composite structures with modified RAPID algorithm and non-circular PZT arrays
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Crack identification in composite elements with non-linear geometry using spatial wavelet transform
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Impact damage evaluation in composite structures based on fusion of results of ultrasonic testing and X-ray computed tomography
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Criticality of self-heating in degradation processes of polymeric composites subjected to cyclic loading: A multiphysical approach
A Katunin, A Wronkowicz, M Bilewicz, D Wachla
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 17 (4), 806-815, 2017
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