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Cleaner fuels for ships provide public health benefits with climate tradeoffs
M Sofiev, JJ Winebrake, L Johansson, EW Carr, M Prank, J Soares, J Vira, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 406, 2018
Construction of the SILAM Eulerian atmospheric dispersion model based on the advection algorithm of Michael Galperin
M Sofiev, J Vira, R Kouznetsov, M Prank, J Soares, E Genikhovich
Geoscientific Model Development 8 (11), 3497-3522, 2015
Estimating lockdown-induced European NO2 changes using satellite and surface observations and air quality models
J Barré, H Petetin, A Colette, M Guevara, VH Peuch, L Rouil, R Engelen, ...
Atmospheric chemistry and physics 21 (9), 7373-7394, 2021
A methodology for evaluation of vertical dispersion and dry deposition of atmospheric aerosols
R Kouznetsov, M Sofiev
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Seasonal surface urban energy balance and wintertime stability simulated using three land‐surface models in the high‐latitude city H elsinki
P Karsisto, C Fortelius, M Demuzere, CSB Grimmond, KW Oleson, ...
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Spectral albedo of seasonal snow during intensive melt period at Sodankylä, beyond the Arctic Circle
O Meinander, S Kazadzis, A Arola, A Riihelä, P Räisänen, R Kivi, A Kontu, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13 (7), 3793-3810, 2013
Innovative strategies for observations in the arctic atmospheric boundary layer (ISOBAR)—The Hailuoto 2017 campaign
ST Kral, J Reuder, T Vihma, I Suomi, E O’Connor, R Kouznetsov, ...
Atmosphere 9 (7), 268, 2018
Wind and turbulence in the urban boundary layer-analysis from acoustic remote sensing data and fit to analytical relations
S Emeis, K Baumann-Stanzer, M Piringer, M Kallistratova, R Kouznetsov, ...
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ARIA digital anamorphosis: digital transformation of health and care in airway diseases from research to practice
J Bousquet, JM Anto, C Bachert, T Haahtela, T Zuberbier, W Czarlewski, ...
Allergy 76 (1), 168-190, 2021
Current state of the global operational aerosol multi‐model ensemble: An update from the International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction (ICAP)
P Xian, JS Reid, EJ Hyer, CR Sampson, JI Rubin, M Ades, N Asencio, ...
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MA Kallistratova, RD Kouznetsov
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Ensemble forecasts of air quality in eastern China–Part 1: Model description and implementation of the MarcoPolo–Panda prediction system, version 1
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On the velocity gradient in stably stratified sheared flows. Part 1: asymptotic analysis and applications
SS Zilitinkevich, I Esau, N Kleeorin, I Rogachevskii, RD Kouznetsov
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Structure parameters for temperature and humidity from simultaneous eddy-covariance and scintillometer measurements
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M Kallistratova, RD Kouznetsov, DD Kuznetsov, IN Kuznetsova, ...
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 18 (3), 289, 2009
The multi-frequency sodar with high temporal resolution
RD Kouznetsov
Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 169-173, 2009
Multi-model ensemble simulations of olive pollen distribution in Europe in 2014: current status and outlook
M Sofiev, O Ritenberga, R Albertini, J Arteta, J Belmonte, CG Bernstein, ...
Atmospheric chemistry and physics 17 (20), 12341-12360, 2017
An overview of the urban boundary layer atmosphere network in Helsinki
CR Wood, L Järvi, RD Kouznetsov, A Nordbo, S Joffre, A Drebs, T Vihma, ...
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 94 (11), 1675-1690, 2013
On the temperature structure parameter and sensible heat flux over Helsinki from sonic anemometry and scintillometry
CR Wood, RD Kouznetsov, R Gierens, A Nordbo, L Järvi, MA Kallistratova, ...
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 30 (8), 1604-1615, 2013
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