Yanni Gunnell
Yanni Gunnell
professeur de géographie
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Cytowane przez
The African erosion surface: a continental-scale synthesis of geomorphology, tectonics, and environmental change over the past 180 million years
K Burke, Y Gunnell
Early Pleistocene presence of Acheulian hominins in south India
S Pappu, Y Gunnell, K Akhilesh, R Braucher, M Taieb, F Demory, ...
science 331 (6024), 1596-1599, 2011
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JC Thouret, G Wörner, Y Gunnell, B Singer, X Zhang, T Souriot
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Relief and climate in South Asia: the influence of the Western Ghats on the current climate pattern of peninsular India
Y Gunnell
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Denudation history of the continental margin of western peninsular India since the early Mesozoic–reconciling apatite fission-track data with geomorphology
Y Gunnell, K Gallagher, A Carter, M Widdowson, AJ Hurford
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 215 (1-2), 187-201, 2003
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M Delmas, Y Gunnell, R Braucher, M Calvet, D Bourlès
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Palaeogeography and 10Be exposure-age chronology of Middle and Late Pleistocene glacier systems in the northern Pyrenees: implications for reconstructing regional palaeoclimates
M Delmas, M Calvet, Y Gunnell, R Braucher, D Bourlès
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M Calvet, M Delmas, Y Gunnell, R Braucher, D Bourlès
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Past and present status of runoff harvesting systems in dryland peninsular India: A critical review
Y Gunnell, A Krishnamurthy
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Low long-term erosion rates in high-energy mountain belts: Insights from thermo-and biochronology in the Eastern Pyrenees
Y Gunnell, M Calvet, S Brichau, A Carter, JP Aguilar, H Zeyen
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 278 (3-4), 208-218, 2009
Small, isolated glacial catchments as priority targets for cosmogenic surface exposure dating of Pleistocene climate fluctuations, southeastern Pyrenees
R Pallàs, Á Rodés, R Braucher, D Bourlès, M Delmas, M Calvet, ...
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K Akhilesh, S Pappu, HM Rajapara, Y Gunnell, AD Shukla, AK Singhvi
Nature 554 (7690), 97-101, 2018
Low post-Cenomanian denudation depths across the Brazilian Northeast: implications for long-term landscape evolution at a transform continental margin
JP Peulvast, VC Sales, F Bétard, Y Gunnell
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Land cover change and abrupt environmental impacts on Javan volcanoes, Indonesia: a long-term perspective on recent events
F Lavigne, Y Gunnell
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Variability of Quaternary glacial erosion rates–A global perspective with special reference to the Eastern Pyrenees
M Delmas, M Calvet, Y Gunnell
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Techniques for quantifying the accuracy of gridded elevation models and for mapping uncertainty in digital terrain analysis
N Gonga-Saholiariliva, Y Gunnell, C Petit, C Mering
Progress in Physical Geography 35 (6), 739-764, 2011
Geophysical evidence of a missing lithospheric root beneath the Eastern Pyrenees: Consequences for post-orogenic uplift and associated geomorphic signatures
Y Gunnell, H Zeyen, M Calvet
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 276 (3-4), 302-313, 2008
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N Durand, Y Gunnell, P Curmi, SM Ahmad
Sedimentary Geology 192 (1-2), 1-18, 2006
Sahyadri: The Great Escarpment of the Indian Subcontinent (Patterns of Landscape Development in the Western Ghats)
Y Gunnell, BP Radhakrishna
Geological Society of India-Bangalore-India 1, 1053, 2001
Shoulder uplift of the Western Ghats passive margin, India: a denudational model
Y Gunnell, L Fleitout
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: The Journal of the British …, 1998
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