Stojan Rebic
Stojan Rebic
Associate Editor, Physical Review Letters
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Cytowane przez
Polarization phase gate with a tripod atomic system
S Rebić, D Vitali, C Ottaviani, P Tombesi, M Artoni, F Cataliotti, ...
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Large Kerr nonlinearity with a single atom
S Rebic, SM Tan, AS Parkins, DF Walls
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Giant Kerr nonlinearities in circuit quantum electrodynamics
S Rebić, J Twamley, GJ Milburn
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C Ottaviani, S Rebić, D Vitali, P Tombesi
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S Rebić, AS Parkins, SM Tan
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Cross phase modulation in a five–level atomic medium: semiclassical theory
C Ottaviani, S Rebić, D Vitali, P Tombesi
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Polariton analysis of a four-level atom strongly coupled to a cavity mode
S Rebić, AS Parkins, SM Tan
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Memory-enhanced noiseless cross-phase modulation
M Hosseini, S Rebić, BM Sparkes, J Twamley, BC Buchler, PK Lam
Light: Science & Applications 1 (12), e40-e40, 2012
Cavity QED quantum phase gates for a single longitudinal mode of the intracavity field
R García-Maraver, R Corbalán, K Eckert, S Rebić, M Artoni, J Mompart
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Superradiance and phase multistability in circuit quantum electrodynamics
M Delanty, S Rebić, J Twamley
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Assessment of a quantum phase-gate operation based on nonlinear optics
S Rebić, C Ottaviani, G Di Giuseppe, D Vitali, P Tombesi
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Perfect mirror transport protocol with higher dimensional quantum chains
GA Paz-Silva, S Rebić, J Twamley, T Duty
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Phase-space analysis of bosonic spontaneous emission
MK Olsen, LI Plimak, S Rebić, AS Bradley
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Optimized control of Stark-shift-chirped rapid adiabatic passage in a Λ-type three-level system
JH Schönfeldt, J Twamley, S Rebić
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Field correlations and effective two-level atom-cavity systems
S Rebić, AS Parkins, SM Tan
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Novel collective effects in integrated photonics
M Delanty, S Rebić, J Twamley
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Transfer of photon statistics in a Raman laser
S Rebić, AS Parkins, DF Walls
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Proceedings: Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 2
M Dunstan, S Rebic, S Tan, S Parkins, M Collett, D Walls
Plenum, New York, 1997
Continuous-variable entanglement purification with atomic systems
S Rebic, S Mancini, G Morigi, D Vitali
JOSA B 27 (6), A198-A207, 2010
Superradiance of harmonic oscillators
M Delanty, S Rebic, J Twamley
arXiv preprint arXiv:1107.5080, 2011
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