Aleksandra Siewiorek
Aleksandra Siewiorek
Dr. Eng., Foundry Research Institute, Krakow, Poland
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Thermodynamic possibilities and constraints for pure hydrogen production by a nickel and cobalt-based chemical looping process at lower temperatures
K Svoboda, A Siewiorek, D Baxter, J Rogut, M Pohořelý
Energy Conversion and Management 49 (2), 221-231, 2008
Thermodynamic possibilities and constraints of pure hydrogen production by a chromium, nickel, and manganese-based chemical looping process at lower temperatures
K Svoboda, A Siewiorek, D Baxter, J Rogut, M Punčochář
Chemical Papers 61 (2), 110-120, 2007
Effects of PCB substrate surface finish and flux on solderability of lead-free SAC305 alloy
A Siewiorek, A Kudyba, N Sobczak, M Homa, Z Huber, Z Adamek, ...
Journal of materials engineering and performance 22 (8), 2247-2252, 2013
Sessile drop study of Gd–Ti monotectic alloys on ceramic substrates: phase transformations, wetting, and reactivity
I Kaban, R Nowak, O Shuleshova, B Korpala, G Bruzda, A Siewiorek, ...
Journal of Materials Science 47 (24), 8381-8386, 2012
Gas evolution rate from heated moulding sands bonded with organic binders
A Siewiorek, R Nowak, A Chojecki, J Mocek
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Gas evolution from heated bentonite bonded moulding sand
A Chojecki, N Sobczak, J Mocek, R Nowak, A Siewiorek
International Journal of Cast Metals Research 26 (1), 58-63, 2013
Effects of PCB Substrate Surface Finish, Flux, and Phosphorus Content on Ionic Contamination
M Bacior, N Sobczak, A Siewiorek, A Kudyba, M Homa, R Nowak, ...
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 24 (2), 754-758, 2015
High temperature study of monotectic transformation, wetting and reactivity of liquid Gd-Ti alloys
N Sobczak, R Nowak, A Siewiorek, B Korpala, G Bruzda, I Kaban, ...
Proceedings of the 71st World Foundry Congress, Bilbao, Spain, 2014
Wpływ utleniania podłoża niklowego na zwilżanie w układzie stop przemysłowy 226D/Ni
A Kudyba, N Sobczak, A Siewiorek, M Homa
Prace Instytutu Odlewnictwa 53, 2013
Factors affecting wettability and infiltration of 3D reinforcement with liquid Al-based matrix
N Sobczak, A Kudyba, A Siewiorek, J Sleziona, A Dolata-Grosz, M Dyzia, ...
International Conference Cast Composites, 62-63, 2009
N Sobczak, RM Purgert, R Asthana, JJ Sobczak, M Homa, R Nowak, ...
Developments in Strategic Ceramic Materials: A Collection of Papers …, 2015
Termofizyczne właściwości kompozytów Ag-C
A Homa, N Sobczak, A Gazda, A Siewiorek, A Kudyba, K Pietrzak, ...
Materiały Ceramiczne 67 (3), 248--256, 2015
Effect of HNT on the Microstructure, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Al/FA CS-HNT Composites Produced by GPI
A Siewiorek, P Malczyk, N Sobczak, JJ Sobczak, A Czulak, R Kozera, ...
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 25 (8), 3194-3203, 2016
High-Temperature interaction between molten AlSr10 alloy and glass-like carbon substrate
A Siewiorek, N Sobczak, J Sobczak, A Kudyba, R Kozera, A Boczkowska
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 25 (8), 3348-3357, 2016
High temperature interaction between liquid Gd-containing alloys and selected oxides
N Sobczak, P Turalska, M Homa, A Siewiorek, G Bruzda, R Nowak, ...
Proc. of the 72nd World Foundry Congress, Nagoya, Japan, 2016
„Thermophysical properties of Ag-C composites doped with carbon nanotubes”
M Homa, A Siewiorek, A Gazda, N Sobczak, A Kudyba, P Turalska, ...
Prace Instytutu Odlewnictwa 54 (1), 29-40, 2014
Ionic Contamination Tests on Printed Circuit Boards
M Bacior, A Siewiorek, A Kudyba, N Sobczak
Transactions of the Foundry Research Institute 53 (1), 13-25, 2013
Effect of surface coating and flux type on the solderability of PCB by Lead-Free SAC305 Alloy
A Siewiorek, A Kudyba, M Homa, N Sobczak
Transactions of Foundry Research Institute 52 (3), 77-91, 2012
Wpływ rodzaju pokrycia oraz stosowanego topnika na lutowność płytek PCB stopem SAC305
A Siewiorek, A Kudyba, M Homa, N Sobczak
Prace Instytutu Odlewnictwa 52, 77-91, 2012
Alfa Composites Fabricated by Mechanical Alloying—Analysis of the Reinforcing Phase Distribution by Computed Microtomography
P Długosz, P Darłak, A Siewiorek, JJ Sobczak
Trans. Foundry Res. Inst 50 (3), 39-51, 2010
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