Dr. M. A. S. Khan
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Recent advances in CNT/graphene based thermoelectric polymer nanocomposite: A proficient move towards waste energy harvesting
A Dey, OP Bajpai, AK Sikder, S Chattopadhyay, MAS Khan
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 53, 653-671, 2016
Understanding metastable phase transformation during crystallization of RDX, HMX and CL-20: experimental and DFT studies
M Ghosh, S Banerjee, MAS Khan, N Sikder, AK Sikder
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (34), 23554-23571, 2016
A graphene titanium dioxide nanocomposite (GTNC): one pot green synthesis and its application in a solid rocket propellant
A Dey, V Nangare, PV More, MAS Khan, PK Khanna, AK Sikder, ...
Rsc Advances 5 (78), 63777-63785, 2015
Probing the compatibility of energetic binder poly-glycidyl nitrate with energetic plasticizers: thermal, rheological and DFT studies
SK Shee, ST Reddy, J Athar, AK Sikder, MB Talawar, S Banerjee, ...
RSC advances 5 (123), 101297-101308, 2015
Polymer based graphene/titanium dioxide nanocomposite (GTNC): an emerging and efficient thermoelectric material
A Dey, S Hadavale, MAS Khan, P More, PK Khanna, AK Sikder, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (44), 19248-19255, 2015
PVAc/PEDOT: PSS/graphene–iron oxide nanocomposite (GINC): an efficient thermoelectric material
A Dey, A Maity, MAS Khan, AK Sikder, S Chattopadhyay
RSC advances 6 (27), 22453-22460, 2016
Effect of microstructure on HTPB based polyurethane (HTPB-PU)
A Dey, MAS Khan, J Athar, AK Sikder, S Chattopadhyay
J. Mater. Sci. Eng. B 5 (3-4), 145-151, 2015
Probing the reactivation process of sarin-inhibited acetylcholinesterase with α-nucleophiles: Hydroxylamine anion is predicted to be a better antidote with DFT calculations.
MAS Khan, R Lo, T Bandyopadhyay, B Ganguly
Journal of molecular graphics & modelling, 2011
Can nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) act as a habit modifier for rock salt crystals? an answer from computational and experimental studies
MAS Khan, A Singh, S Haldar, B Ganguly
Crystal growth & design 11 (5), 1675-1682, 2011
Solvolysis of chemical warfare agent VX is more efficient with hydroxylamine anion: A computational study
MAS Khan, MK Kesharwani, T Bandyopadhyay, B Ganguly
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 28 (2), 177-182, 2009
Toxicity of systemic insecticides: toxicological considerations in using organophosphorus insecticides.
MA Khan
TGA, DSC and DFT Studies of TKX‐50, ABTOX and Their Key Precursors
MB Talawar, S Nandagopal, S Singh, AP Mahajan, DM Badgujar, ...
ChemistrySelect 3, 12175-12182, 2018
Can surface energy be a parameter to define morphological change of rock-salt crystals with additives? A first principles study
MAS Khan, B Ganguly
CrystEngComm 15 (14), 2631-2639, 2013
Calculation of enthalpies of formation and band gaps of polymeric binders
MAS Khan, A Dey, J Athar, AK Sikder
RSC Advances 4, 32840-32846, 2014
Probing the influence of pH dependent citric acid towards the morphology of rock salt: a computational study
MAS Khan, A Sen, B Ganguly
CrystEngComm 11 (12), 2660-2667, 2009
Morphology of ammonium perchlorate in the presence of ethylene glycol as an additive: a first principle study
MAS Khan, R Vijayalakshmi, A Singh, AK Nandi, MB Talawar
CrystEngComm 21 (48), 7519-7527, 2019
Solvolysis process of organophosphorus compound P-[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl]-N,N-dimethylphosphonamidic fluoride with simple and α-nucleophiles: a DFT study
MK Kesharwani, MAS Khan, T Bandyopadhyay, B Ganguly
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 127, 39-47, 2010
Examining the compatibility of energetic plasticizer DNDA-5 with energetic binders
R Vijayalakshmi, NT Agawane, MB Talawar, MAS Khan
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A 57 (1), 46-54, 2020
Probing the simulant behavior of PNPDPP toward parathion and paraoxon: A computational study
MAS Khan, T Bandyopadhyay, B Ganguly
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 34, 10-17, 2012
Assessing the reactivation efficacy of hydroxylamine anion towards VX-inhibited AChE: a computational study
MAS Khan, B Ganguly
Journal of molecular modeling 18, 1801-1808, 2012
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