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BioAssay Ontology (BAO): a semantic description of bioassays and high-throughput screening results
U Visser, S Abeyruwan, U Vempati, RP Smith, V Lemmon, SC Schürer
BMC bioinformatics 12 (1), 1-16, 2011
Evolving BioAssay Ontology (BAO): modularization, integration and applications
S Abeyruwan, UD Vempati, H Küçük-McGinty, U Visser, A Koleti, A Mir, ...
Journal of biomedical semantics 5 (1), 1-22, 2014
Minimum information about a spinal cord injury experiment: a proposed reporting standard for spinal cord injury experiments
VP Lemmon, AR Ferguson, PG Popovich, XM Xu, DM Snow, M Igarashi, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 31 (15), 1354-1361, 2014
Formalization, annotation and analysis of diverse drug and probe screening assay datasets using the BioAssay Ontology (BAO)
UD Vempati, MJ Przydzial, C Chung, S Abeyruwan, A Mir, K Sakurai, ...
PloS one 7 (11), e49198, 2012
Semi-automatic extraction of training examples from sensor readings for fall detection and posture monitoring
SW Abeyruwan, D Sarkar, F Sikder, U Visser
IEEE Sensors Journal 16 (13), 5406-5415, 2016
Facilitating transparency in spinal cord injury studies using data standards and ontologies
VP Lemmon, S Abeyruwan, U Visser, JL Bixby
Neural regeneration research 9 (1), 6, 2014
RegenBase: a knowledge base of spinal cord injury biology for translational research
A Callahan, SW Abeyruwan, H Al-Ali, K Sakurai, AR Ferguson, ...
Database 2016, 2016
PrOntoLearn: unsupervised lexico-semantic ontology generation using probabilistic methods
S Abeyruwan, U Visser, V Lemmon, S Schürer
Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web II, 217-236, 2010
Accurate ball tracking with extended kalman filters as a prerequisite for a high-level behavior with reinforcement learning
A Seekircher, S Abeyruwan, U Visser
The 6th Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots at Humanoid Conference, Bled …, 2011
Dynamic role assignment using general value functions
S Abeyruwan, A Seekircher, U Visser
IEEE Humanoid Robots, HRS workshop, Osaka, Japan, 2012
Motion capture and contemporary optimization algorithms for robust and stable motions on simulated biped robots
A Seekircher, J Stoecker, S Abeyruwan, U Visser
Robot Soccer World Cup, 213-224, 2012
RLLib: C++ Library to Predict, Control, and Represent Learnable Knowledge Using On/Off Policy Reinforcement Learning
S Abeyruwan, U Visser
Robot Soccer World Cup, 356-364, 2015
Activity monitoring and prediction for humans and NAO humanoid robots using wearable sensors
S Abeyruwan, F Sikder, U Visser, D Sarkar
The Twenty-Eighth International Flairs Conference, 2015
A New Real-Time Algorithm to Extend DL Assertional Formalism to Represent and Deduce Entities in Robotic Soccer
S Abeyruwan, U Visser
Robot Soccer World Cup, 270-282, 2014
Single-and multi-channel whistle recognition with nao robots
K Poore, S Abeyruwan, A Seekircher, U Visser
Robot Soccer World Cup, 245-257, 2014
BAOSearch: a semantic web application for biological screening and drug discovery research
S Abeyruwan, C Chung, N Datar, F Gayanilo, V Lemmon, C Mader, ...
Humanoid robots and spoken dialog systems for brief health interventions
S Abeyruwan, R Baral, U Yasavur, C Lisetti, U Visser
2014 AAAI Fall symposium series, 2014
Off-policy general value functions to represent dynamic role assignments in RoboCup 3D soccer simulation
S Abeyruwan, A Seekircher, U Visser
arXiv preprint arXiv:1402.4525, 2014
Bioassay Ontology to Describe High-Throughput Screening Assays and their Results.
U Vempati, U Visser, S Abeyruwan, K Sakurai, M Przydzial, C Chung, ...
ICBO, 2011
i-Sim2Real: Reinforcement Learning of Robotic Policies in Tight Human-Robot Interaction Loops
S Abeyruwan, L Graesser, DB D'Ambrosio, A Singh, A Shankar, A Bewley, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.06572, 2022
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