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Carene Larmat
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Time‐reversal imaging of seismic sources and application to the great Sumatra earthquake
C Larmat, JP Montagner, M Fink, Y Capdeville, A Tourin, E Clévédé
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Time reversal
BE Anderson, M Griffa, PA Johnson, C Larmat, TJ Ulrich
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Time reversal location of glacial earthquakes
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Time-reversal methods in geophysics
CS Larmat, RA Guyer, PA Johnson
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CS Larmat, RA Guyer, PA Johnson
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Largest recent impact craters on Mars: Orbital imaging and surface seismic co-investigation
LV Posiolova, P Lognonné, WB Banerdt, J Clinton, GS Collins, ...
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Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics
N Xiang
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics 6 (032001), 1, 2009
In situ characterization of shallow elastic nonlinear parameters with dynamic acoustoelastic testing
G Renaud, J Rivière, C Larmat, JT Rutledge, RC Lee, RA Guyer, K Stokoe, ...
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A silica long base tiltmeter with high stability and resolution
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US Patent 8,942,063, 2015
Simulations of Seismic Wave Propagation on Mars
Bozdağ, E., Ruan, Y., Metthez, N., Khan, A., Leng, K., van Driel, M ...
Space Science Reviews, 2017
On the validation of seismic imaging methods: Finite frequency or ray theory?
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Numerical assessment of the effects of topography and crustal thickness on Martian seismograms using a coupled modal solution–spectral element method
C Larmat, JP Montagner, Y Capdeville, WB Banerdt, P Lognonné, ...
Icarus 196 (1), 78-89, 2008
A new coupled spectral element and modal solution method for global seismology: A first application to the scattering induced by a plume‐like anomaly
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Energy current imaging method for time reversal in elastic media
BE Anderson, RA Guyer, TJ Ulrich, PY Le Bas, C Larmat, M Griffa, ...
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Time-reversal method and cross-correlation techniques by normal mode theory: a three-point problem
JP Montagner, C Larmat, Y Capdeville, M Fink, H Phung, B Romanowicz, ...
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Double-difference traveltime tomography with edge-preserving regularization and a priori interfaces
Y Lin, EM Syracuse, M Maceira, H Zhang, C Larmat
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Lagrangian‐based simulations of hypervelocity impact experiments on Mars regolith proxy
M Froment, E Rougier, C Larmat, Z Lei, B Euser, S Kedar, JE Richardson, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 47 (13), e2020GL087393, 2020
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