Harald Justnes
Harald Justnes
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Hydration mechanisms of ternary Portland cements containing limestone powder and fly ash
K De Weerdt, MB Haha, G Le Saout, KO Kjellsen, H Justnes, ...
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K De Weerdt, KO Kjellsen, E Sellevold, H Justnes
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A review of chloride binding in cementitious systems
H Justnes
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J Lindgård, MDA Thomas, EJ Sellevold, B Pedersen, Ö Andiç-Çakır, ...
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H Vikan, H Justnes
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Leaching characterisation and geochemical modelling of minor and trace elements released from recycled concrete aggregates
CJ Engelsen, HA Van der Sloot, G Wibetoe, H Justnes, W Lund, ...
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K De Weerdt, A Colombo, L Coppola, H Justnes, MR Geiker
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Changes in the phase assemblage of concrete exposed to sea water
K De Weerdt, H Justnes, MR Geiker
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Total and external chemical shrinkage of low w/c ratio cement pastes
H Justnes, A Van Gemert, F Verboven, EJ Sellevold
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K De Weerdt, H Justnes
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H Justnes, EC Nygaard
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Correlating cement characteristics with rheology of paste
H Vikan, H Justnes, F Winnefeld, R Figi
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Revisiting the microstructure of hydrated tricalcium silicate––a comparison to Portland cement
KO Kjellsen, H Justnes
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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)—A powerful tool in cement and concrete research
H Justnes, I Meland, JO Bjoergum, J Krane, T Skjetne
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KD Weerdt, E Sellevold, KO Kjellsen, H Justnes
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The effect of temperature on the hydration of composite cements containing limestone powder and fly ash
K De Weerdt, M Ben Haha, G Le Saout, KO Kjellsen, H Justnes, ...
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An evaluation of methods for measuring chemical shrinkage of cementitious pastes
H Justnes, B Reyniers, EJ Sellevold
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H Justnes, L Elfgren, V Ronin
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Thaumasite formed by sulfate attack on mortar with limestone filler
H Justnes
Cement and Concrete Composites 25 (8), 955-959, 2003
Characterisation of calcined raw clays suitable as supplementary cementitious materials
T Danner, G Norden, H Justnes
Applied Clay Science 162, 391-402, 2018
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