Saraju P. Mohanty
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Cytowane przez
Everything you wanted to know about smart cities: The Internet of things is the backbone
SP Mohanty, U Choppali, E Kougianos
IEEE consumer electronics magazine 5 (3), 60-70, 2016
The Blockchain as a Decentralized Security Framework [Future Directions]
D Puthal, N Malik, SP Mohanty, E Kougianos, C Yang
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine 7 (2), 18--21, 2018
Everything you wanted to know about the blockchain: Its promise, components, processes, and problems
D Puthal, N Malik, SP Mohanty, E Kougianos, G Das
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine 7 (4), 6-14, 2018
Biosensors: A tutorial review
SP Mohanty, E Kougianos
Ieee Potentials 25 (2), 35-40, 2006
Everything You Wanted to Know about Smart Health Care: Evaluating the Different Technologies and Components of the Internet of Things for Better Health
P Sundaravadivel, E Kougianos, SP Mohanty, MK Ganapathiraju
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine 7 (1), 18-28, 2018
Digital watermarking: A Tutorial Review
SP Mohanty
URL: http://www.smohanty.org/Publications_Others …, 1999
DCrop: A deep-learning based framework for accurate prediction of diseases of crops in smart agriculture
V Pallagani, V Khandelwal, B Chandra, V Udutalapally, D Das, ...
2019 IEEE international symposium on smart electronic systems (iSES …, 2019
Secure and sustainable load balancing of edge data centers in fog computing
D Puthal, MS Obaidat, P Nanda, M Prasad, SP Mohanty, AY Zomaya
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (5), 60-65, 2018
A DCT domain visible watermarking technique for images
SP Mohanty, KR Ramakrishnan, MS Kankanhalli
2000 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo. ICME2000 …, 2000
Fortified-Chain: A Blockchain Based Framework for Security and Privacy Assured Internet of Medical Things with Effective Access Control
B Egala, A Pradhan, V Badarla, S Mohanty
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, XX-YY, 2021
PoBT: A lightweight consensus algorithm for scalable IoT business blockchain
S Biswas, K Sharif, F Li, S Maharjan, SP Mohanty, Y Wang
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 7 (3), 2343-2355, 2019
A dual watermarking technique for images
SP Mohanty, KR Ramakrishnan, M Kankanhalli
Proceedings of the seventh ACM international conference on Multimedia (Part …, 1999
Robust SRAM designs and analysis
J Singh, SP Mohanty, DK Pradhan
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012
Smart-log: A deep-learning based automated nutrition monitoring system in the iot
P Sundaravadivel, K Kesavan, L Kesavan, SP Mohanty, E Kougianos
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 64 (3), 390-398, 2018
iTour: The future of smart tourism: An IoT framework for the independent mobility of tourists in smart cities
AK Tripathy, PK Tripathy, NK Ray, SP Mohanty
IEEE consumer electronics magazine 7 (3), 32-37, 2018
Proof of authentication: IoT-friendly blockchains
D Puthal, SP Mohanty
IEEE Potentials 38 (1), 26-29, 2018
Preserving data privacy via federated learning: Challenges and solutions
Z Li, V Sharma, SP Mohanty
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine 9 (3), 8-16, 2020
EasyBand: A wearable for safety-aware mobility during pandemic outbreak
AK Tripathy, AG Mohapatra, SP Mohanty, E Kougianos, AM Joshi, G Das
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine 9 (5), 57-61, 2020
PUFchain: Hardware-Assisted Blockchain for Sustainable Simultaneous Device and Data Security in the Internet of Everything (IoE)
SP Mohanty, VP Yanambaka, E Kougianos, D Puthal
arXiv Computer Science 1909 (06496), 37 pages, 2019
Pmsec: Physical unclonable function-based robust and lightweight authentication in the internet of medical things
VP Yanambaka, SP Mohanty, E Kougianos, D Puthal
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 65 (3), 388-397, 2019
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