Asja Fischer
Asja Fischer
Professor for Machine Learning, Ruhr University Bochum
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An introduction to restricted Boltzmann machines
A Fischer, C Igel
Iberoamerican congress on pattern recognition, 14-36, 2012
A closer look at memorization in deep networks
D Arpit, S Jastrzębski, N Ballas, D Krueger, E Bengio, MS Kanwal, ...
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Difference target propagation
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D Lukovnikov, A Fischer, J Lehmann, S Auer
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On the regularization of Wasserstein GANs
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A Fischer, C Igel
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Bounding the bias of contrastive divergence learning
A Fischer, C Igel
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Deep Nets Don't Learn via Memorization
D Krueger, N Ballas, S Jastrzebski, D Arpit, MS Kanwal, T Maharaj, ...
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STDP as presynaptic activity times rate of change of postsynaptic activity
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Bidirectional Helmholtz machines
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Early Inference in Energy-Based Models Approximates Back-Propagation
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Improving Response Selection in Multi-turn Dialogue Systems by Incorporating Domain Knowledge
D Chaudhuri, A Kristiadi, J Lehmann, A Fischer
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Learning to Rank Query Graphs for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs
G Maheshwari, P Trivedi, D Lukovnikov, N Chakraborty, A Fischer, ...
International Semantic Web Conference. Springer, 2019
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