Grzegorz Szymański
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Cytowane przez
The characterization of activated carbons with oxygen and nitrogen surface groups
S Biniak, G Szymański, J Siedlewski, A Świątkowski
Carbon 35 (12), 1799-1810, 1997
The effect of the gradual thermal decomposition of surface oxygen species on the chemical and catalytic properties of oxidized activated carbon
GS Szymański, Z Karpiński, S Biniak, A Świa̧tkowski
Carbon 40 (14), 2627-2639, 2002
Effect of activated carbon surface oxygen-and/or nitrogen-containing groups on adsorption of copper (II) ions from aqueous solution
S Biniak, M Pakuła, GS Szymański, A Światkowski
Langmuir 15 (18), 6117-6122, 1999
Influence of nitrogen surface functionalities on the catalytic activity of activated carbon in low temperature SCR of NOx with NH3
GS Szymański, T Grzybek, H Papp
Catalysis Today 90 (1-2), 51-59, 2004
Catalytic conversion of propan-2-ol on carbon catalysts
GS Szymański, G Rychlicki
Carbon 31 (2), 247-257, 1993
Catalytic conversion of ethanol on carbon catalysts
GS Szymański, G Rychlicki, AP Terzyk
Carbon 32 (2), 265-271, 1994
Importance of oxygen surface groups in catalytic dehydration and dehydrogenation of butan-2-ol promoted by carbon catalysts
GS Szymański, G Rychlicki
Carbon 29 (4-5), 489-498, 1991
In silico study on the effects of carbonyl groups on chemical equilibrium of reactions with a polar product occurring under confinement in pores of activated carbons
S Furmaniak, PA Gauden, A Patrykiejew, G Szymański, R Miśkiewicz, ...
Chemical Engineering Communications 208 (2), 171-182, 2021
What is the value of water contact angle on silicon?
P Bryk, E Korczeniewski, GS Szymański, P Kowalczyk, K Terpiłowski, ...
Materials 13 (7), 1554, 2020
Influence of activated carbon surface oxygen functionalities on SO2 physisorption–Simulation and experiment
S Furmaniak, AP Terzyk, PA Gauden, P Kowalczyk, GS Szymański
Chemical Physics Letters 578, 85-91, 2013
Modified porous carbon materials as catalytic support for cathodic reduction of dioxygen
S Biniak, M Walczyk, GS Szymański
Fuel processing technology 79 (3), 251-257, 2002
The influence of microporosity creation in highly mesoporous N-containing carbons obtained from chitosan on their catalytic and electrochemical properties
M Leżańska, A Olejniczak, A Pacuła, G Szymański, J Włoch
Catalysis Today 227, 223-232, 2014
A new method of teaching spatial orientation to the blind
E Hojan, M Jakubowski, A Talukder, H Wereda, A Furmann, R Ewertowski, ...
Acta Physica Polonica A 121 (1A), 2012
Thermodynamics of the CMMS Approach and Carbon Surface Chemistry in SO2 Adsorption
S Furmaniak, AP Terzyk, GS Szymański, PA Gauden, M Motak, ...
Langmuir 22 (16), 6887-6892, 2006
Carbon surface polarity from immersion calorimetry
GS Szymański, S Biniak, G Rychlicki
Fuel processing technology 79 (3), 217-223, 2002
Properties of CMK-8 carbon replicas obtained from KIT-6 and pyrrole at various contents of ferric catalyst
M Lezanska, J Wloch, G Szymański, I Szpakowska, J Kornatowski
Catalysis Today 150 (1-2), 77-83, 2010
Catalytic conversion of 2-propanol on cation-substituted forms of oxidized carbon
GS Szymański, G Rychlicki
Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters 43, 475-479, 1991
Catalytic destruction of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) using oxidized carbon
GS Szymański
Catalysis today 137 (2-4), 460-465, 2008
Correlation between the catalytic and electrocatalytic properties of nitrogen-doped carbon nanoonions and the polarity of the carbon surface: Experimental and theoretical …
GS Szymański, M Wiśniewski, P Olejnik, S Koter, E Castro, L Echegoyen, ...
Carbon 151, 120-129, 2019
Impact of the interaction with the positive charge in adsorption of benzene and other organic compounds from aqueous solutions on carbons
AP Terzyk, MS Ćwiertnia, M Wiśniewski, PA Gauden, G Rychlicki, ...
Applied surface science 253 (8), 4006-4009, 2007
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