Samuel F Serna O
Samuel F Serna O
Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State University and Visiting Scientist, MIT
Zweryfikowany adres z bridgew.edu
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Germanium-based integrated photonics from near-to mid-infrared applications
D Marris-Morini, V Vakarin, JM Ramirez, Q Liu, A Ballabio, J Frigerio, ...
Nanophotonics 7 (11), 1781-1793, 2018
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Highly sensitive refractive index sensing by fast detuning the critical coupling condition of slot waveguide ring resonators
W Zhang, S Serna, X Le Roux, L Vivien, E Cassan
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S Serna, H Lin, C Alonso-Ramos, A Yadav, X Le Roux, K Richardson, ...
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Nonlinear Properties of Ge-rich Si1−xGex Materials with Different Ge Concentrations
S Serna, V Vakarin, JM Ramirez, J Frigerio, A Ballabio, X Le Roux, ...
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Engineering third-order optical nonlinearities in hybrid chalcogenide-on-silicon platform
S Serna, H Lin, C Alonso-Ramos, C Lafforgue, X Le Roux, KA Richardson, ...
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Third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility of crystalline oxide yttria-stabilized zirconia
G Marcaud, S Serna, K Panaghiotis, C Alonso-Ramos, X Le Roux, ...
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High-quality crystalline yttria-stabilized-zirconia thin layer for photonic applications
G Marcaud, S Matzen, C Alonso-Ramos, X Le Roux, M Berciano, ...
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Bi-directional top-hat D-Scan: single beam accurate characterization of nonlinear waveguides
S Serna, N Dubreuil
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E Durán-Valdeiglesias, W Zhang, C Alonso-Ramos, S Serna, X Le Roux, ...
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Narrow-linewidth carbon nanotube emission in silicon hollow-core photonic crystal cavity
THC Hoang, E Durán-Valdeiglesias, C Alonso-Ramos, S Serna, W Zhang, ...
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Integrated photonics packaging: challenges and opportunities
L Ranno, P Gupta, K Gradkowski, R Bernson, D Weninger, S Serna, ...
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Enhancing SiN waveguide optical nonlinearity via hybrid GaS integration
S Deckoff-Jones, V Pelgrin, J Zhang, C Lafforgue, L Deniel, S Guerber, ...
Journal of Optics 23 (2), 025802, 2021
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