Piotr Sorokowski
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Selfie posting behaviors are associated with narcissism among men
P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, A Oleszkiewicz, T Frackowiak, A Huk, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 85, 123-127, 2015
Predatory journals recruit fake editor
P Sorokowski, E Kulczycki, A Sorokowska, K Pisanski
Nature 543, 481-483, 2017
Preferred interpersonal distances: a global comparison
A Sorokowska, P Sorokowski, P Hilpert, K Cantarero, T Frackowiak, ...
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 48 (4), 577-592, 2017
Selfies and personality: Who posts self-portrait photographs?
A Sorokowska, A Oleszkiewicz, T Frackowiak, K Pisanski, A Chmiel, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 90, 119-123, 2016
Adaptive preferences for leg length in a potential partner
P Sorokowski, B Pawlowski
Evolution and Human Behavior 29 (2), 86-91, 2008
Politicians' estimated height as an indicator of their popularity
P Sorokowski
European Journal of Social Psychology 40 (7), 1302-1309, 2010
Does Personality Smell? Accuracy of Personality Assessments Based on Body Odour
A Sorokowska, P Sorokowski, A Szmajke
European Journal of Personality 26, 496-503, 2012
Sex differences in human olfaction: A meta-analysis
P Sorokowski, M Karwowski, M Misiak, MK Marczak, M Dziekan, ...
Frontiers in psychology 10, 242, 2019
Olfaction and environment: Tsimane’of Bolivian rainforest have lower threshold of odor detection than industrialized German people
A Sorokowska, P Sorokowski, T Hummel, T Huanca
PloS one 8 (7), e69203, 2013
Sex differences in online selfie posting behaviors predict histrionic personality scores among men but not women
P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, T Frackowiak, M Karwowski, I Rusicka, ...
Computers in Human Behavior 59, 368-373, 2016
Sex differences in color preferences transcend extreme differences in culture and ecology
P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, C Witzel
Psychonomic bulletin & review 21 (5), 1195-1201, 2014
Preference for women's body mass and waist-to-hip ratio in tsimane'men of the bolivian amazon: biological and cultural determinants
P Sorokowski, K Kościński, A Sorokowska, T Huanca
PLoS One 9 (8), e105468, 2014
Marital satisfaction, sex, age, marriage duration, religion, number of children, economic status, education, and collectivistic values: Data from 33 countries
P Sorokowski, AK Randall, A Groyecka, T Frackowiak, K Cantarero, ...
Frontiers in psychology 8, 1199, 2017
Height preferences in humans may not be universal: Evidence from the Datoga people of Tanzania
P Sorokowski, ML Butovskaya
Body Image 9 (4), 510-516, 2012
Voice and handgrip strength predict reproductive success in a group of indigenous African females
J Atkinson, RN Pipitone, A Sorokowska, P Sorokowski, M Mberira, ...
PloS one 7 (8), e41811, 2012
Who uses emoticons? Data from 86 702 Facebook users
A Oleszkiewicz, M Karwowski, K Pisanski, P Sorokowski, B Sobrado, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 119, 289-295, 2017
Children and marital satisfaction in a non-Western sample: having more children increases marital satisfaction among the Igbo people of Nigeria
EI Onyishi, P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, RN Pipitone
Evolution and Human Behavior 33 (6), 771-774, 2012
Variable Preferences for Sexual Dimorphism in Stature (SDS) Might Not Be Universal: Data From a Semi Nomad Population (Himba) in Namibia
P Sorokowski, A Sorokowska, B Fink, M Mberira
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 43, 32-37, 2012
Polska adaptacja testu Ten Item Personality Inventory (TIPI)–TIPI-PL–wersja standardowa i internetowa
A Sorokowska, A Słowińska, A Zbieg, P Sorokowski
WrocLab, 2014
The associations of dyadic coping and relationship satisfaction vary between and within nations: A 35-nation study
P Hilpert, AK Randall, P Sorokowski, DC Atkins, A Sorokowska, K Ahmadi, ...
Frontiers in psychology 7, 1106, 2016
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