Giampaolo Trivellin
Giampaolo Trivellin
Humanitas Clinical and Research Center - IRCCS
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Gigantism and acromegaly due to Xq26 microduplications and GPR101 mutation
G Trivellin, AF Daly, FR Faucz, B Yuan, L Rostomyan, DO Larco, ...
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S Igreja, HS Chahal, P King, GB Bolger, U Srirangalingam, L Guasti, ...
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Somatostatin analogs modulate AIP in somatotroph adenomas: the role of the ZAC1 pathway
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AIP and its interacting partners.
G Trivellin, M Korbonits
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Macronodular Adrenal Hyperplasia due to Mutations in an Armadillo Repeat Containing 5 (ARMC5) Gene: A Clinical and Genetic Investigation
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A Beckers, MB Lodish, G Trivellin, L Rostomyan, M Lee, FR Faucz, ...
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Landscape of Familial Isolated and Young-Onset Pituitary Adenomas: Prospective Diagnosis in AIP Mutation Carriers
LC Hernández-Ramírez, P Gabrovska, J Dénes, K Stals, G Trivellin, ...
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A Novel Mutation in the Upstream Open Reading Frame of the CDKN1B Gene Causes a MEN4 Phenotype
G Occhi, D Regazzo, G Trivellin, F Boaretto, D Ciato, S Bobisse, S Ferasin, ...
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MicroRNA miR-107 is overexpressed in pituitary adenomas and inhibits the expression of aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein in vitro
G Trivellin, H Butz, J Delhove, S Igreja, HS Chahal, V Zivkovic, T McKay, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2012
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Genetics of pituitary adenomas
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Structure of the TPR domain of AIP: lack of client protein interaction with the C-terminal α-7 helix of the TPR domain of AIP is sufficient for pituitary adenoma predisposition
RML Morgan, LC Hernández-Ramírez, G Trivellin, L Zhou, SM Roe, ...
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MEN1, MEN4, and carney complex: pathology and molecular genetics
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Prevalence of AIP mutations in a large series of sporadic Italian acromegalic patients and evaluation of CDKN1B status in acromegalic patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia
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The R304X mutation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein gene in familial isolated pituitary adenomas: mutational hot-spot or founder effect?
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Loss-of-function mutations in the CABLES1 gene are a novel cause of Cushing’s disease
LC Hernández-Ramírez, R Gam, N Valdés, MB Lodish, N Pankratz, ...
Endocrine-related cancer 24 (8), 379-392, 2017
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