Alejandro Blanco
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Review of the Late Cretaceous-early Paleogene crocodylomorphs of Europe: extinction patterns across the K-PG boundary
E Puértolas-Pascual, A Blanco, CA Brochu, JI Canudo
Cretaceous Research 57, 565-590, 2016
Allodaposuchus palustris sp. nov. from the Upper Cretaceous of Fumanya (South-Eastern Pyrenees, Iberian Peninsula): Systematics, Palaeoecology and …
A Blanco, E Puértolas-Pascual, J Marmi, B Vila, AG Sellés
PLoS One 9 (12), e115837, 2014
The upper Maastrichtian dinosaur fossil record from the southern Pyrenees and its contribution to the topic of the Cretaceous–Palaeogene mass extinction event
JI Canudo, O Oms, B Vila, A Galobart, V Fondevilla, E Puértolas-Pascual, ...
Cretaceous Research 57, 540-551, 2016
A new species of Allodaposuchus (Eusuchia, Crocodylia) from the Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) of Spain: phylogenetic and paleobiological implications
A Blanco, J Fortuny, A Vicente, AH Lujan, JA García-Marçà, AG Sellés
PeerJ 3, e1171, 2015
The Molí del Baró-1 site, a diverse fossil assemblage from the uppermost Maastrichtian of the southern Pyrenees (north-eastern Iberia)
J Marmi, A Blanco, V Fondevilla, FM Dalla Vecchia, AG Sellés, A Vicente, ...
Cretaceous Research 57, 519-539, 2016
Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes from northeastern Iberia
A Blanco, M Szabo, A Blanco-Lapaz, J Marmi
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 465, 278-294, 2017
Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) amphibians and squamates from northeastern Iberia
A Blanco, A Bolet, HA Blain, V Fondevilla, J Marmi
Cretaceous Research 57, 624-638, 2016
Comparing surface digitization techniques in palaeontology using visual perceptual metrics and distance computations between 3D meshes
V Díez Díaz, H Mallison, P Asbach, D Schwarz, A Blanco
Palaeontology 64 (2), 179-202, 2021
Late Cretaceous sauropod tooth morphotypes may provide supporting evidence for faunal connections between North Africa and Southern Europe
FM Holwerda, VD Díaz, A Blanco, R Montie, JWF Reumer
PeerJ 6, e5925, 2018
Diversity of hadrosauroid dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous Ibero-Armorican Island (European Archipelago) assessed from dentary morphology
A Blanco, A Prieto-Márquez, S De Esteban-Trivigno
Cretaceous Research 56, 447-457, 2015
A small Cretaceous crocodyliform in a dinosaur nesting ground and the origin of sebecids
AG Sellés, A Blanco, B Vila, J Marmi, FJ López-Soriano, S Llácer, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 15293, 2020
The youngest sauropod evidence in Europe
AG Sellés, J Marmi, S Llácer, A Blanco
Historical Biology 28 (7), 930-940, 2016
Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) crocodyliforms from north-eastern Iberia: a first attempt to explain the crocodyliform diversity based on tooth qualitative traits
A Blanco, E Puértolas-Pascual, J Marmi, B Moncunill-Solé, S Llácer, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 189 (2), 584-617, 2020
Intra-and interspecific variability in allodaposuchid crocodylomorphs and the status of western European taxa
A Blanco, CA Brochu
Historical Biology 29 (4), 495-508, 2017
The fossil record of the uppermost Maastrichtian Reptile Sandstone (Tremp Formation, northeastern Iberian Peninsula)
A Blanco, M Méndez, J Marmi
Spanish Journal of Palaeontology 30 (1), 117-130, 2015
Importance of the postcranial skeleton in eusuchian phylogeny: reassessing the systematics of allodaposuchid crocodylians
A Blanco
Plos one 16 (6), e0251900, 2021
Igdabatis marmii sp. nov. (Myliobatiformes) from the lower Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) of north-eastern Spain: an Ibero-Armorican origin for a Gondwanan …
A Blanco
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 17 (10), 865-879, 2019
Updating the knowledge on faunal assemblages from the Tremp Formation (late Cretaceous, upper Maastrichtian): microvertebrate remains from four new sites
A Blanco, A Bolet
Field Trip Guide and Abstracts Book of "Reconstructing the terrestrial end …, 2014
The most ancient evidence of a diseased lagomorph: infectious paleopathology in a tibiofibular bone (Middle Miocene, Germany)
B Moncunill-Solé, A Isidro, A Blanco, C Angelone, GE Rössner, X Jordana
Comptes Rendus Palevol 18 (8), 1011-1023, 2019
Assessing the crocodylomorph diversity in the Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) of Ibero-Armorica, based on tooth qualitative traits
A Blanco, E Puértolas-Pascual, J Marmi, M Marzola, O Mateus, ...
Abstract book of the XVI Annual Meeting of the European Association of …, 2018
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