Ehsan Shareghi
Ehsan Shareghi
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Cytowane przez
Self-alignment Pre-training for Biomedical Entity Representations
F Liu, E Shareghi, Z Meng, M Basaldella, N Collier
NAACL, 4228–4238, 2021
COMETA: A Corpus for Medical Entity Linking in the Social Media
M Basaldella, F Liu, E Shareghi, N Collier
EMNLP, 3122-3137, 2020
Text summarization with harmony search algorithm-based sentence extraction
E Shareghi, LS Hassanabadi
IEEE/ACM CSTST, 226-231, 2008
A Closer Look at Few-Shot Crosslingual Transfer: The Choice of Shots Matters
M Zhao, Y Zhu, E Shareghi, I Vulić, R Reichart, A Korhonen, H Schütze
ACL, 5751-5767, 2021
TaCL: Improving BERT pre-training with token-aware contrastive learning
Y Su, F Liu, Z Meng, T Lan, L Shu, E Shareghi, N Collier
Findings of NAACL, 2497–2507, 2022
On the Importance of the Kullback-Leibler Divergence Term in Variational Autoencoders for Text Generation
V Prokhorov, E Shareghi, Y Li, MT Pilehvar, N Collier
WNGT, 118-127, 2019
Compact, efficient and unlimited capacity: Language modeling with compressed suffix trees
E Shareghi, M Petri, G Haffari, T Cohn
EMNLP, 2409-2418, 2015
Mixture-of-Partitions: Infusing Large Biomedical Knowledge Graphs into BERT
Z Meng, F Liu, TH Clark, E Shareghi, N Collier
EMNLP, 4672–4681, 2021
Rewire-then-Probe: A Contrastive Recipe for Probing Biomedical Knowledge of Pre-trained Language Models
Z Meng, F Liu, E Shareghi, Y Su, C Collins, N Collier
ACL, 4798 - 4810, 2022
CLaC-CORE: Exhaustive feature combination for measuring textual similarity
E Shareghi, S Bergler
* SEM, 202-206, 2013
Fast, small and exact: Infinite-order language modelling with compressed suffix trees
E Shareghi, M Petri, G Haffari, T Cohn
TACL 4, 477-490, 2016
Show Some Love to Your n-grams: A Bit of Progress and Stronger n-gram Language Modeling Baselines
E Shareghi, D Gerz, I Vulić, A Korhonen
NAACL, 4113-4118, 2019
Richer interpolative smoothing based on modified kneser-ney language modeling
E Shareghi, T Cohn, G Haffari
EMNLP, 944-949, 2016
Fire Burns, Sword Cuts: Commonsense Inductive Bias for Exploration in Text-based Games
D Ryu, E Shareghi, M Fang, Y Xu, S Pan, G Haffari
ACL, 515-522, 2022
Integrating Transformers and Knowledge Graphs for Twitter Stance Detection
T Clark, C Conforti, F Liu, Z Meng, E Shareghi, N Collier
W-NUT, 304-312, 2021
Hierarchical Sparse Variational Autoencoder for Text Encoding
V Prokhorov, Y Li, E Shareghi, N Collier
Rep4NLP, 34-46, 2021
Bayesian Learning for Neural Dependency Parsing
E Shareghi, Y Li, Y Zhu, R Reichart, A Korhonen
NAACL, 3509-3519, 2019
Compressed Nonparametric Language Modelling
E Shareghi, G Haffari, T Cohn
IJCAI, 2701-2707, 2017
M-Adapter: Modality Adaptation for End-to-End Speech-to-Text Translation
J Zhao, H Yang, E Shareghi, G Haffari
Interspeech, 111-115, 2022
It is Not as Good as You Think! Evaluating Simultaneous Machine Translation on Interpretation Data
J Zhao, P Arthur, G Haffari, T Cohn, E Shareghi
EMNLP, 6707–6715, 2021
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