Jordi Paniagua
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Business performance and social media: Love or hate?
J Paniagua, J Sapena
Business Horizons 57 (6), 719–728, 2014
Corporate governance and financial performance: The role of ownership and board structure
J Paniagua, R Rivelles, J Sapena
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Is FDI Doing Good? A Golden Rule for FDI Ethics
J Paniagua, J Sapena
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J Paniagua, P Korzynski, A Mas-Tur
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Score a tweet and post a goal: Social media recipes for sports stars
P Korzynski, J Paniagua
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Does international commercial arbitration promote foreign direct investment?
A Myburgh, J Paniagua
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S Gil-Pareja, RL Vivero, J Paniagua
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Quantile regression for the FDI gravity equation
J Paniagua, E Figueiredo, J Sapena
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Homeward bound FDI: Are migrants a bridge over troubled finance?
A Cuadros, J Martín-Montaner, J Paniagua
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Employee creativity in a digital era: The mediating role of social media
P Korzynski, J Paniagua, E Rodriguez-Montemayor
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J Paniagua
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F Carril-Caccia, J Milgram-Baleix, J Paniagua
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A Cuadros, J Martín-Montaner, J Paniagua
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Fiscal sustainability in EMU countries: A continued fiscal commitment?
J Paniagua, J Sapena, C Tamarit
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The ethics of foreign knowledge brokers: a conceptual and empirical framework
J Paniagua, J Sapena
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Energy market integration and electricity trade
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A note on implementing gravity datasets with abundant zeros
J Paniagua
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Is energy market integration a green light for FDI?
MT Costa-Campi, J Paniagua, E Trujillo
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The effect of systemic banking crises on entrepreneurship
J Paniagua, J Sapena
New challenges in entrepreneurship and finance, 195-207, 2015
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