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Christian Baumgart
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Validity and reliability of GPS and LPS for measuring distances covered and sprint mechanical properties in team sports
MW Hoppe, C Baumgart, T Polglaze, J Freiwald
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MW Hoppe, C Baumgart, J Bornefeld, B Sperlich, J Freiwald, ...
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J Freiwald, C Baumgart, M Kühnemann, MW Hoppe
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Do ground reaction forces during unilateral and bilateral movements exhibit compensation strategies following ACL reconstruction?
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Einführung in die Elektromyographie: Sport-Prävention-Rehabilitation
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Spitta-Verlag, 2007
Foam-rolling in sport and therapy–potential benefits and risks: part 1–definitions, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics
J Freiwald, C Baumgart, M Kühnemann, MW Hoppe
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K Witte, N Ganter, C Baumgart, C Peham
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Effects of static stretching and playing soccer on knee laxity
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Relationship between core strength and key variables of performance in elite rink hockey players.
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CrossFit®–development, benefits and risks
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Sprint mechanical properties of female and different aged male top-level German soccer players
C Baumgart, J Freiwald, MW Hoppe
Sports 6 (4), 161, 2018
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