Faramarz Doulati Ardejani
Faramarz Doulati Ardejani
Professor of Environmental Hydrogeology, University of Tehran
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Cytowane przez
Adsorption of Direct Red 80 dye from aqueous solution onto almond shells: Effect of pH, initial concentration and shell type
F Doulati Ardejani, K Badii, N Yousefi Limaee, SZ Shafaei, AR Mirhabibi
Journal of Hazardous Materials 151 (2), 730-737, 2008
Numerical modelling and laboratory studies on the removal of Direct Red 23 and Direct Red 80 dyes from textile effluents using orange peel, a low-cost adsorbent
F Doulati Ardejani, K Badii, N Yousefi Limaee, NM Mahmoodi, M Arami, ...
Dyes and Pigments 73 (2), 178-185, 2007
Classification and identification of hydrocarbon reservoir lithofacies and their heterogeneity using seismic attributes, logs data and artificial neural networks
M Raeesi, A Moradzadeh, F Doulati Ardejani, M Rahimi
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 82, 151-165, 2012
Decolorization and mineralization of textile dyes at solution bulk by heterogeneous nanophotocatalysis using immobilized nanoparticles of titanium dioxide
NM Mahmoodi, M Arami, N Yousefi Limaee, K Gharanjig, ...
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical Engineering Aspects 290 (1-3), 125-131, 2006
Monitoring soil lead and zinc contents via combination of spectroscopy with extreme learning machine and other data mining methods
V Khosravi, F Doulati Ardejani, S Yousefi, A Aryafar
Geoderma 318, 29-41, 2018
Diatomite-supported manganese Schiff base: An efficient catalyst for oxidation of hydrocarbons
B Bahramian, F Doulati Ardejani, V Mirkhani, K Badii
Applied Catalysis A: General 345 (1), 97-103, 2008
Adsorption of Acid blue 25 dye on diatomite in aqueous solutions
K Badii, F Doulati Ardejani, M Aziz Saberi, N Yousefi Limaee, SZ Shafaei
Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 17 (1), 7-16, 2010
Investigation of pyrite oxidation and acid mine drainage characterization associated with Razi active coal mine and coal washing waste dumps in the Azad shahr–Ramian region …
F Doulati Ardejani, B Jodeiri Shokri, M Bagheri, E Soleimani
Environmental Earth Sciences 61 (8), 1547-1560, 2010
The weight of interaction of mining activities: groundwater in environmental impact assessment using fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP)
A Aryafar, S Yousefi, F Doulati Ardejani
Environmental Earth Sciences 68 (8), 2313-2324, 2013
Application of artificial neural network coupled with genetic algorithm and simulated annealing to solve groundwater inflow problem to an advancing open pit mine
S Bahrami, F Doulati Ardejani, E Baafi
Journal of Hydrology 536, 471-484, 2016
Heavy metal pollution assessment using support vector machine in the Shur River, Sarcheshmeh copper mine, Iran
A Aryafar, R Gholami, R Rooki, F Doulati Ardejani
Environmental Earth Sciences 67 (4), 1191-1199, 2012
Prediction of heavy metals in acid mine drainage using artificial neural network from the Shur River of the Sarcheshmeh porphyry copper mine, Southeast Iran
R Rooki, F Doulati Ardejani, A Aryafar, A Bani Asadi
Environmental Earth Sciences 64 (5), 1303-1316, 2011
A combined mathematical geophysical model for prediction of pyrite oxidation and pollutant leaching associated with a coal washing waste dump
F Doulati Ardejani, B Jodieri Shokri, A Moradzadeh, E Soleimani, ...
International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology 5 (4), 517-526, 2008
Simulation of cuttings transport with foam in deviated wellbores using computational fluid dynamics
R Rooki, F Doulati Ardejani, A Moradzadeh, M Norouzi
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 4 (3), 263-273, 2014
Cadmium removal from aqueous solutions by pumice and nano-pumice
S Haddadi Khorzughy, T Eslamkish, F Doulati Ardejani, ...
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 32 (1), 88-96, 2015
Neuro-fuzzy modeling based genetic algorithms for identification of geochemical anomalies in mining geochemistry
M Ziaii, F Doulati Ardejani, M Ziaei, AA Soleymani
Applied geochemistry 27 (3), 663-676, 2012
Optimal determination of rheological parameters for herschel-bulkley drilling fluids using genetic algorithms (GAs)
R Rooki, F Doulati Ardejani, A Moradzadeh, H Mirzaei, V Kelessidis, ...
Korea-Australia Rheology Journal 24 (3), 163-170, 2012
A finite element model to: 1. Predict groundwater inflow to surface mining excavations
F Doulati Ardejani, RN Singh, EY Baafi, P I.
Mine Water and the Environment 22 (1), 31-38, 2003
Prediction of terminal velocity of solid spheres falling through Newtonian and non-Newtonian pseudoplastic power law fluid using artificial neural network
R Rooki, F Doulati Ardejani, A Moradzadeh, VC Kelessidis, M Nourozi
International Journal of Mineral Processing 110, 53-61, 2012
Preparation and characterization of novel nano-mineral for the removal of several heavy metals from aqueous solution: Batch and continuous systems
K Seifpanahi Shabani, F Doulati Ardejani, K Badii, ME Olya
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 10 (Supplement 2), S3108–S3127, 2017
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