DF McMorrow
DF McMorrow
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Elements of modern X-ray physics
J Als-Nielsen, D McMorrow
John Wiley & Sons, 2011
Geometrical Frustration in the Ferromagnetic Pyrochlore
MJ Harris, ST Bramwell, DF McMorrow, TH Zeiske, KW Godfrey
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B Lake, HM Ronnow, NB Christensen, G Aeppli, K Lefmann, ...
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T Fennell, PP Deen, AR Wildes, K Schmalzl, D Prabhakaran, ...
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JP Hill, DF McMorrow
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Quantum Magnets under Pressure: Controlling Elementary Excitations in
C Rüegg, B Normand, M Matsumoto, A Furrer, DF McMorrow, KW Krämer, ...
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JDM Champion, MJ Harris, PCW Holdsworth, AS Wills, G Balakrishnan, ...
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C Rüegg, K Kiefer, B Thielemann, DF McMorrow, V Zapf, B Normand, ...
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B Dalla Piazza, M Mourigal, NB Christensen, GJ Nilsen, ...
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P Merchant, B Normand, KW Krämer, M Boehm, DF McMorrow, C Rüegg
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MPM Dean, Y Cao, X Liu, S Wall, D Zhu, R Mankowsky, V Thampy, ...
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DA Jehan, DF McMorrow, RA Cowley, RCC Ward, MR Wells, N Hagmann, ...
Physical Review B 48 (8), 5594, 1993
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