Mohammad Khishe
Mohammad Khishe
Imam Khomeini Marine Science University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Chimp optimization algorithm
M Khishe, MR Mosavi
Expert systems with applications 149, 113338, 2020
Underwater targets classification using local wavelet acoustic pattern and Multi-Layer Perceptron neural network optimized by modified Whale Optimization Algorithm
W Qiao, M Khishe, S Ravakhah
Ocean Engineering 219, 108415, 2021
Classification of underwater acoustical dataset using neural network trained by Chimp Optimization Algorithm
M Khishe, MR Mosavi
Applied Acoustics 157, 107005, 2020
Real‑time COVID-19 diagnosis from X-Ray images using deep CNN and extreme learning machines stabilized by chimp optimization algorithm
T Hu, M Khishe, M Mohammadi, GR Parvizi, SHT Karim, TA Rashid
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 68, 102764, 2021
Dynamic levy flight chimp optimization
W Kaidi, M Khishe, M Mohammadi
Knowledge-Based Systems 235, 107625, 2022
Passive sonar target classification using multi-layer perceptron trained by salp swarm algorithm
M Khishe, H Mohammadi
Ocean Engineering 181, 98-108, 2019
Classification of sonar data set using neural network trained by gray wolf optimization
MR Mosavi, M Khishe, A Ghamgosar
Neural Network World 26 (4), 393, 2016
Classification of sonar targets using an MLP neural network trained by dragonfly algorithm
M Khishe, A Safari
Wireless Personal Communications 108 (4), 2241-2260, 2019
Retracted article: evolving deep convolutional neutral network by hybrid sine–cosine and extreme learning machine for real-time COVID19 diagnosis from X-ray images
C Wu, M Khishe, M Mohammadi, SH Taher Karim, TA Rashid
Soft Computing 27 (6), 3307-3326, 2023
Binary chimp optimization algorithm (BChOA): a new binary meta-heuristic for solving optimization problems
J Wang, M Khishe, M Kaveh, H Mohammadi
Cognitive Computation 13, 1297-1316, 2021
A weighted chimp optimization algorithm
M Khishe, M Nezhadshahbodaghi, MR Mosavi, D Martín
IEEE Access 9, 158508-158539, 2021
Improved migration models of biogeography-based optimization for sonar dataset classification by using neural network
M Khishe, MR Mosavi, M Kaveh
Applied Acoustics 118, 15-29, 2017
Multi-layer perceptron neural network utilizing adaptive best-mass gravitational search algorithm to classify sonar dataset
MR Mosavi, M Khishe, MJ Naseri, GR Parvizi, A Mehdi
Archives of Acoustics 44 (1), 137–151, 2019
Design and implementation of a neighborhood search biogeography-based optimization trainer for classifying sonar dataset using multi-layer perceptron neural network
M Kaveh, M Khishe, MR Mosavi
Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 100, 405-428, 2019
Improved whale trainer for sonar datasets classification using neural network
M Khishe, MR Mosavi
Applied Acoustics 154, 176-192, 2019
Chaotic fractal walk trainer for sonar data set classification using multi-layer perceptron neural network and its hardware implementation
M Khishe, MR Mosavi, A Moridi
Applied Acoustics 137, 121-139, 2018
Nodes clustering and multi-hop routing protocol optimization using hybrid chimp optimization and hunger games search algorithms for sustainable energy efficient underwater …
Y Yang, Y Wu, H Yuan, M Khishe, M Mohammadi
Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems 35, 100731, 2022
Presenting the best prediction model of water inflow into drill and blast tunnels among several machine learning techniques
A Mahmoodzadeh, M Mohammadi, KMG Noori, M Khishe, HH Ibrahim, ...
Automation in Construction 127, 103719, 2021
Fuzzy-ChOA: an improved chimp optimization algorithm for marine mammal classification using artificial neural network
A Saffari, M Khishe, SH Zahiri
Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 111 (3), 403-417, 2022
Accurate classification of EEG signals using neural networks trained by hybrid population-physic-based algorithm
S Afrakhteh, MR Mosavi, M Khishe, A Ayatollahi
International Journal of Automation and Computing 17 (1), 108-122, 2020
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