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Mirosław Janowski
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Concise review: mesenchymal stem cells: from roots to boost
A Andrzejewska, B Lukomska, M Janowski
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Functional diversity of SDF-1 splicing variants
M Janowski
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Cell size and velocity of injection are major determinants of the safety of intracarotid stem cell transplantation
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The cerebral embolism evoked by intra-arterial delivery of allogeneic bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in rats is related to cell dose and infusion velocity
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Intrathecal application of neuroectodermally converted stem cells into a mouse model of ALS: limited intraparenchymal migration and survival narrows therapeutic effects
SA Habisch HJ, Janowski M, Binder D, Kuzma-Kozakiewicz M, Widmann A, Habich ...
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Extracellular vesicles in physiology, pathology, and therapy of the immune and central nervous system, with focus on extracellular vesicles derived from mesenchymal stem cells …
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Efficacy and adverse effects of atropine in childhood myopia: a meta-analysis
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Quantitative “hot-spot” imaging of transplanted stem cells using superparamagnetic tracers and magnetic particle imaging
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Intravenous route of cell delivery for treatment of neurological disorders: a meta-analysis of preclinical results
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Stem cell–based tissue replacement after stroke: factual necessity or notorious fiction?
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Personalized nanomedicine advancements for stem cell tracking
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In Vivo Micro‐CT Imaging of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Labeled with Gold‐Poly‐l‐Lysine Nanocomplexes
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Long-term MRI cell tracking after intraventricular delivery in a patient with global cerebral ischemia and prospects for magnetic navigation of stem cells within the CSF
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Porous tantalum and tantalum oxide nanoparticles for regenerative medicine
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Label-free CEST MRI detection of citicoline-liposome drug delivery in ischemic stroke
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Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 37 (7), 2346-2358, 2017
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