Brian Plüss
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Cytowane przez
Tool support for the test template framework
M Cristiá, P Albertengo, C Frydman, B Plüss, PR Monetti
Software Testing, Verification and Reliability 24 (1), 3-37, 2014
Toward Rapid Development of Multi-Party Virtual Human Negotiation Scenarios
B Plüss, D DeVault, D Traum
Generating natural language descriptions of Z test cases
M Cristiá, B Plüss
Engaging citizens with televised election debates through online interactive replays
B Plüss, A De Liddo
Proceedings of the ACM international conference on interactive experiences …, 2015
Applying the Test Template Framework to aerospace software
M Cristi, P Albertengo, C Frydman, B Pluss, PR Monetti
2011 IEEE 34th Software Engineering Workshop, 128-137, 2011
A Computational Model of Non-Cooperation in Natural Language Dialogue
B Plüss
PQDT-UK & Ireland, 2014
Non-cooperation in dialogue
B Plüss
Proceedings of the ACL 2010 student research workshop, 1-6, 2010
A novel method to gauge audience engagement with televised election debates through instant, nuanced feedback elicitation
A De Liddo, B Plüss, P Wilson
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Communities and …, 2017
Towards a computational pragmatics for non-cooperative dialogue
B Pluss
Milton Keynes, UK: The Open University, 2009
Modelling non-cooperative dialogue: the role of conversational games and discourse obligations
B Plüss, P Piwek, R Power
Tratamiento automático de reglas ortográficas para la detección y corrección de errores
B Plüss, L Pomponio
37th Argentine Conference on Informatics and Operations Research[en línea …, 2008
Let's replay the political debate: Hypervideo technology for visual sensemaking of televised election debates
A De Liddo, NP Souto, B Plüss
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 145, 102537, 2021
Large-scale deployment of argument analytics
C Reed, K Budzynska, J Lawrence, M Pereira-Farina, D De Franco, ...
In Argumentation and Societythe workshop at the 7th International Conference …, 2018
Democratic replay: Enhancing tv election debates with interactive visualisations
B Plüss, A De Liddo
Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2018
Time-constrained multi-layer corpus creation
K Budzynska, M Pereira-Fariña, D De Franco, R Duthie, N Franco-Guillén, ...
Proceedings of the16th ArgDiaP Conference: Argumentation and Corpus …, 2018
Towards deliberation analytics: stream processing of argument data for deliberative communication
V Gold, BPL USS, M El-Assady, F Sperrle, K Budzynska, A Hautli-Janisz, ...
Proceedings of COMMA Workshop on Argumentation and Society, 1-3, 2018
Augmenting public deliberations through stream argument analytics and visualisations
B Plüss, F Sperrle, V Gold, M El-Assady, A Hautli-Janisz, K Budzynska, ...
Leipzig Symposium on Visualization in Applications, 2018
Measuring non-cooperation in dialogue
B Plüss, P Piwek
Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on …, 2016
Democratic Reflection: Nudging Citizens? Democratic Engagement with Political Election Debates
A De Liddo, B Plüss, A Ardito
Conference Companion Publication of the 2020 on Computer Supported …, 2020
A practical method for reasoning about procedures in invariant based programming
B Plüss
Universidad Nacional de Rosario, 2008
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