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Cytowane przez
Phyllosilicates on Mars and implications for early Martian climate
F Poulet, JP Bibring, JF Mustard, A Gendrin, N Mangold, Y Langevin, ...
Nature 438 (7068), 623-627, 2005
OMEGA: Observatoire pour la Minéralogie, l'Eau, les Glaces et l'Activité
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A simulation of the OMEGA/Mars Express observations: Analysis of the atmospheric contribution
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ESA’s planetary science archive: status, activities and plans
D Heather, M Barthelemy, N Manaud, S Martinez, M Szumlas, J Vazquez, ...
Eur Planet Sci Cong 8, 2013
Mars Express/HRSC imaging photoemtry and MER Spirit/PANCAM in situ spectrophotometry within Gusev
PC Pinet, A Jehl, A Cord, YD Daydou, D Baratoux, SC Chevrel, N Manaud, ...
Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVII 1303, abstract# 1220, 2006
Improved surface photometric mapping across Gusev and Apollinaris from an HRSC/Mars Express integrated multi-orbit dataset: Implication on Hapke parameters determination
A Jehl, PC Pinet, A Cord, YD Daydou, D Baratoux, SC Chevrel, N Manaud, ...
Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVII 1303, abstract# 1219, 2006
The OpenPlanetary initiative
N Manaud, AP Rossi, T Hare, M Aye, V Galluzzi, S van Gasselt, ...
AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts# 48 48, 419.08, 2016
Summary and recommendation from the 2015 ESAC planetary GIS workshop
N Manaud, AP Rossi, T Hare, S van Gasselt, J McAuliffe, S Martinez
47th Annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 1387, 2016
Planetary cartography and mapping: Where we are today, and where we are heading for?
A Naß, K Di, S van Gasselt, T Hare, H Hargitai, I Karachevtseva, E Kersten, ...
The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial …, 2017
OpenPlanetaryMap: Building the first open planetary mapping and social platform for researchers, educators, storytellers, and the general public
N Manaud, A Naß, M Lewando, S van Gasselt, AP Rossi, T Hare, J Carter, ...
3rd Planetary Data Workshop and The Planetary Geologic Mappers Annual …, 2017
Planetary GIS and EuroPlanet-RI H2020
AP Rossi, B Cecconi, N Manaud, S Erard, C Marmo
10th European planetary science conference (EPSC) 178, 2015
Perennial water ice identified around the Mars South pole
JP Bibring, Y Langevin, F Poulet, A Gendrin, B Gondet, M Berthé, ...
Nature 428, 627-630, 2004
Facilitating reuse of planetary spatial research data–Conceptualizing an open map repository as part of a Planetary Research Data Infrastructure
A Nass, K Asch, S van Gasselt, AP Rossi, S Besse, B Cecconi, A Frigeri, ...
Planetary and Space Science 204, 105269, 2021
OpenPlanetaryMap: Building the first Open Planetary Mapping and Social platform for researchers, educators, storytellers, and the general public
N Manaud, A Nass, S van Gasselt, M Lewando, AP Rossi, T Hare, ...
European Planetary Science Congress, EPSC2018-78, 2018
An Assessment of the IPDA/PDAP protocol to access Planetary Data
M Gangloff, S Erard, B Cecconi, P Le Sidaner, C Jacquey, J Berthier, ...
EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011 2011, 1148, 2011
Spacecraft and payload data handling
JF Zender, F Delhaise, C Arviset, D Heather, JD del Rio, N Manaud, ...
Mars Express: The Scientific Investigations, 257-278, 2009
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