Pauli Virtanen
Pauli Virtanen
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Cytowane przez
SciPy 1.0: fundamental algorithms for scientific computing in Python
P Virtanen, R Gommers, TE Oliphant, M Haberland, T Reddy, ...
Nature methods 17 (3), 261-272, 2020
Array programming with NumPy
CR Harris, KJ Millman, SJ Van Der Walt, R Gommers, P Virtanen, ...
Nature 585 (7825), 357-362, 2020
Predicted very large thermoelectric effect in ferromagnet-superconductor junctions in the presence of a spin-splitting magnetic field
A Ozaeta, P Virtanen, FS Bergeret, TT Heikkilä
Physical review letters 112 (5), 057001, 2014
Colloquium: Nonequilibrium effects in superconductors with a spin-splitting field
FS Bergeret, M Silaev, P Virtanen, TT Heikkilä
Reviews of Modern Physics 90 (4), 041001, 2018
Thermal, electric and spin transport in superconductor/ferromagnetic-insulator structures
TT Heikkilä, M Silaev, P Virtanen, FS Bergeret
Progress in Surface Science 94 (3), 100540, 2019
Lindblad-equation approach for the full counting statistics of work and heat in driven quantum systems
M Silaev, TT Heikkilä, P Virtanen
Physical Review E 90 (2), 022103, 2014
Induced superconductivity in the three-dimensional topological insulator HgTe
L Maier, JB Oostinga, D Knott, C Brüne, P Virtanen, G Tkachov, ...
Physical review letters 109 (18), 186806, 2012
Electron–phonon coupling in suspended graphene: Supercollisions by ripples
A Laitinen, M Oksanen, A Fay, D Cox, M Tomi, P Virtanen, PJ Hakonen
Nano letters 14 (6), 3009-3013, 2014
Measuring non-Gaussian fluctuations through incoherent Cooper-pair current
TT Heikkilä, P Virtanen, G Johansson, FK Wilhelm
Physical review letters 93 (24), 247005, 2004
Thermoelectric effects in superconducting proximity structures
P Virtanen, TT Heikkilä
Applied Physics A 89, 625-637, 2007
Thermopower induced by a supercurrent in superconductor–normal-metal structures
P Virtanen, TT Heikkilä
Physical review letters 92 (17), 177004, 2004
Self-oscillating Josephson quantum heat engine
G Marchegiani, P Virtanen, F Giazotto, M Campisi
Physical Review Applied 6 (5), 054014, 2016
Scipy/Scipy: Scipy 1.1. 0
P Virtanen, R Gommers, E Burovski, TE Oliphant, D Cournapeau, ...
Zenodo, 2018
Long-range spin accumulation from heat injection in mesoscopic superconductors with Zeeman splitting
M Silaev, P Virtanen, FS Bergeret, TT Heikkilä
Physical review letters 114 (16), 167002, 2015
Thermal conductance by the inverse proximity effect in a superconductor
JT Peltonen, P Virtanen, M Meschke, JV Koski, TT Heikkilä, JP Pekola
Physical review letters 105 (9), 097004, 2010
Magnetotransport experiments on fully metallic superconducting Dayem-bridge field-effect transistors
F Paolucci, G De Simoni, P Solinas, E Strambini, N Ligato, P Virtanen, ...
Physical Review Applied 11 (2), 024061, 2019
Theory of microwave-assisted supercurrent in quantum point contacts
FS Bergeret, P Virtanen, TT Heikkilä, JC Cuevas
Physical review letters 105 (11), 117001, 2010
Microwave spectroscopy of Josephson junctions in topological superconductors
P Virtanen, P Recher
Physical Review B 88 (14), 144507, 2013
Microwave nanobolometer based on proximity Josephson junctions
J Govenius, RE Lake, KY Tan, V Pietilä, JK Julin, IJ Maasilta, P Virtanen, ...
Physical Review B 90 (6), 064505, 2014
Probing the dynamics of Andreev states in a coherent Normal/Superconducting ring
F Chiodi, M Ferrier, K Tikhonov, P Virtanen, TT Heikkilä, M Feigelman, ...
Scientific reports 1 (1), 3, 2011
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