Yannis Theocharis
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Using Twitter to mobilize protest action: online mobilization patterns and action repertoires in the Occupy Wall Street, Indignados, and Aganaktismenoi movements
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Y Theocharis
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Y Theocharis
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Y Theocharis
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Y Theocharis
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A Jungherr, Y Theocharis
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Civil Society in Times of Crisis: Understanding Collective Action Dynamics in Digitally‐Enabled Volunteer Networks
Y Theocharis, S Vitoratou, J Sajuria
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A Modern Tragedy? Institutional Causes and Democratic Consequences of the Greek Crisis
Y Theocharis, JW van Deth
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Every Crisis is a Digital Opportunity: The Aganaktismenoi Movement’s Use of Social Media and the Emergence of Networked Solidarity in Greece
Y Theocharis
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The Dynamics of Political Incivility on Twitter
Y Theocharis, P Barberá, Z Fazekas, SA Popa
Sage Open 10 (2), 2020
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