Xiao Feng
Xiao Feng
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Covalent organic frameworks
X Feng, X Ding, D Jiang
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (18), 6010-6022, 2012
Metal–organic frameworks for energy storage: Batteries and supercapacitors
L Wang, Y Han, X Feng, J Zhou, P Qi, B Wang
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Metal-organic frameworks with photocatalytic bactericidal activity for integrated air cleaning
P Li, J Li, X Feng, J Li, Y Hao, J Zhang, H Wang, A Yin, J Zhou, X Ma, ...
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Promoting nitrogen electroreduction to ammonia with bismuth nanocrystals and potassium cations in water
YC Hao, Y Guo, LW Chen, M Shu, XY Wang, TA Bu, WY Gao, N Zhang, ...
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Preparation of nanofibrous metal–organic framework filters for efficient air pollution control
Y Zhang, S Yuan, X Feng, H Li, J Zhou, B Wang
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Y Guo, X Feng, T Han, S Wang, Z Lin, Y Dong, B Wang
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Pore surface engineering in covalent organic frameworks
A Nagai, Z Guo, X Feng, S Jin, X Chen, X Ding, D Jiang
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A novel “turn-on” fluorescent chemosensor for the selective detection of Al3+ based on aggregation-induced emission
T Han, X Feng, B Tong, J Shi, L Chen, J Zhi, Y Dong
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An n-Channel Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework
X Ding, L Chen, Y Honsho, X Feng, O Saengsawang, J Guo, A Saeki, ...
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A standard protocol for reporting species distribution models
D Zurell, J Franklin, C König, PJ Bouchet, CF Dormann, J Elith, G Fandos, ...
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A squaraine‐linked mesoporous covalent organic framework
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Angewandte Chemie International Edition 7 (52), 2017-2021, 2013
Challenges and recent advances in MOF–polymer composite membranes for gas separation
Y Zhang, X Feng, S Yuan, J Zhou, B Wang
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Roll‐to‐roll production of metal‐organic framework coatings for particulate matter removal
Y Chen, S Zhang, S Cao, S Li, F Chen, S Yuan, C Xu, J Zhou, X Feng, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (15), 1606221, 2017
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