Stephan Busch
Stephan Busch
Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institut (EMI)
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Cytowane przez
UWE-3, in-orbit performance and lessons learned of a modular and flexible satellite bus for future pico-satellite formations
S Busch, P Bangert, S Dombrovski, K Schilling
Acta Astronautica 117, 73-89, 2015
Attitude Determination for the Nano-Satellite UWE-2
K Schilling, M Schmidt, K Ravandoor, O Kurz, S Busch
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Netsat: a four pico/nano-satellite mission for demonstration of autonomous formation flying
K Schilling, P Bangert, S Busch, S Dombrovski, A Freimann, A Kramer, ...
66th International Astronautical Congress, 2015
Uwe-3: A modular system design for the next generation of very small satellites
S Busch, K Schilling
Proceedings of Small Satellites Systems and Services-The 4S Symposium, Slovenia, 2012
Attitude control demonstration for pico-satellite formation flying by UWE-3
S Busch, P Bangert, K Schilling
Proceedings of the 4S-Symposium, Mallorca, 2014
Performance characteristics of the UWE-3 miniature attitude determination and control system
P Bangert, S Busch, K Schilling
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F Reichel, P Bangert, S Busch, K Ravandoor, K Schilling
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Robust, flexible and efficient design for miniature satellite systems
S Busch
Universität Würzburg, 2016
Robust and Efficient OBDH Core Module for the Flexible Picosatellite Bus UWE-3
S Busch, K Schilling
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 46 (19), 218-223, 2013
Crucial technologies for distributed systems of pico-satellites
K Schilling, M Schmidt, S Busch
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The UWE Satellite Bus, a Modular and Flexible Architecture for Future Picosatellite Formations
S Busch, P Bangert, F Reichel, K Schilling
64. IAC Congress, Online Reference: 13.B4.6B.3, 2013
Teleoperations of a mobile outdoor robot with adjustable autonomy
M Frank, S Busch, P Dietz, K Schilling
Proceedings 2nd ACIDCA-ICMI 2005 International Conference on Machine …, 2005
Photogrammetric ash cloud observations by small satellite formations
T Nogueira, S Dombrovski, S Busch, K Schilling, K Zakšek, M Hort
2016 IEEE Metrology for Aerospace (MetroAeroSpace), 450-455, 2016
Evaluation and performance optimization of PMD camera for rvd application
K Ravandoor, S Busch, L Regoli, K Schilling
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Monitoring and Control of the NetSat Formation: Concepts and Tools for Operations of Multi-satellite Systems
T Nogueira, S Dombrovski, S Busch, A Gasparyan, K Schilling
68th International Astronautical Congress, Adelaide, Australia, Online …, 2017
Challenges and Novel Approaches for Testing Large Numbers of Small Satellites
O Ruf, S Busch, S Dombrowski, K Schilling
68th International Astronautical Congress, 2017
Robust satellite engineering in educational cubesat missions at the example of the UWE-3 project
S Busch, K Schilling, P Bangert, F Reichel
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 46 (19), 236-241, 2013
Implementation, Calibration and Verification of a Kalman Filter based Attitude Determation System for the Picosatellite UWE-3. GNC 2011
P Kiefel, S Busch, W Dröge, K Schilling
8th International ESA Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems, 2011
Design and Implementation of a Stereo Vision Based Navigation System for the Micro-RoSA-2 Mars Rover
S Busch
Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan osasto, 2007
A Heterogenous, reliable onboard processing system for small satellites
K Schäfer, C Horch, S Busch, F Schäfer
2021 IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering (ISSE), 1-3, 2021
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