Paul J Fraccaro
Paul J Fraccaro
Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University
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Vocal indicators of body size in men and women: a meta-analysis
K Pisanski, PJ Fraccaro, CC Tigue, JJM O'Connor, S Röder, PW Andrews, ...
Animal Behaviour 95, 89-99, 2014
Taller men are less sensitive to cues of dominance in other men
CD Watkins, PJ Fraccaro, FG Smith, J Vukovic, DR Feinberg, ...
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Experimental evidence that women speak in a higher voice pitch to men they find attractive
PJ Fraccaro, BC Jones, J Vukovic, FG Smith, CD Watkins, DR Feinberg, ...
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Faking it: deliberately altered voice pitch and vocal attractiveness
PJ Fraccaro, JJM O'Connor, DE Re, BC Jones, LM DeBruine, ...
Animal Behaviour, 0
Correlated male preferences for femininity in female faces and voices
PJ Fraccaro, DR Feinberg, LM DeBruine, AC Little, BC Jones
Evolutionary Psychology 8 (3), 447-461, 2010
Return to Oz: Voice pitch facilitates assessments of men’s body size.
K Pisanski, PJ Fraccaro, CC Tigue, JJM O'Connor, DR Feinberg
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Perceptions of infidelity risk predict women’s preferences for low male voice pitch in short-term over long-term relationship contexts
JJM O’Connor, K Pisanski, CC Tigue, PJ Fraccaro, DR Feinberg
Personality and Individual differences 56, 73-77, 2014
A tumor DNA complex aberration index is an independent predictor of survival in breast and ovarian cancer
HKM Vollan, OM Rueda, SF Chin, C Curtis, G Turashvili, S Shah, ...
Molecular oncology 9 (1), 115-127, 2015
Men's preferences for women's femininity in dynamic cross-modal stimuli
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CD Watkins, LM DeBruine, FG Smith, BC Jones, J Vukovic, P Fraccaro
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Social dialect and men's voice pitch influence women's mate preferences
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Men's judgments of women's facial attractiveness from two-and three-dimensional images are similar
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Sociosexual attitudes and dyadic sexual desire independently predict women’s preferences for male vocal masculinity
JJM O’Connor, BC Jones, PJ Fraccaro, CC Tigue, K Pisanski, ...
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It’s the way he tells them (and who is listening): men’s dominance is positively correlated with their preference for jokes told by dominant-sounding men
ML Cowan, CD Watkins, PJ Fraccaro, DR Feinberg, AC Little
Evolution and Human Behavior 37 (2), 97-104, 2016
Perceptions of partner femininity predict individual differences in men's sensitivity to facial cues of male dominance
CD Watkins, LM Debruine, AC Little, DR Feinberg, PJ Fraccaro, BC Jones
Journal of Evolutionary Psychology 9 (1), 69-82, 2011
Does fundamental frequency confound voice-based assessments of body size? SFA, PA
K Pisanski, CC Tigue, JJM O'Connor, PJ Fraccaro, DR Feinberg
It's the way he tells them: men's dominance is well-correlated with their predictions for jokes told by dominant-sounding men
ML Cowan, CD Watkins, PJ Fraccaro, DR Feinberg, AC Little
Second Scientific Conference of Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies, 2015
The other-species effect in human perceptions of sexual dimorphism using human and macaque faces
PJ Fraccaro, AC Little, CC Tigue, JJM O'Connor, K Pisanski, DR Feinberg
Visual cognition 21 (8), 970-986, 2013
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