Patrik Öhberg
Patrik Öhberg
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Colloquium: Artificial gauge potentials for neutral atoms
J Dalibard, F Gerbier, G Juzeliūnas, P Öhberg
Reviews of Modern Physics 83 (4), 1523, 2011
Light-induced gauge fields for ultracold atoms
N Goldman, G Juzeliūnas, P Öhberg, IB Spielman
Reports on Progress in Physics 77 (12), 126401, 2014
Non-Abelian gauge potentials for ultracold atoms with degenerate dark states
J Ruseckas, G Juzeliūnas, P Öhberg, M Fleischhauer
Physical review letters 95 (1), 010404, 2005
Observation of a localized flat-band state in a photonic Lieb lattice
S Mukherjee, A Spracklen, D Choudhury, N Goldman, P Öhberg, ...
Physical review letters 114 (24), 245504, 2015
Optical pumping of a single hole spin in a quantum dot
BD Gerardot, D Brunner, PA Dalgarno, P Öhberg, S Seidl, M Kroner, ...
Nature 451 (7177), 441-444, 2008
Optical ferris wheel for ultracold atoms
S Franke-Arnold, J Leach, MJ Padgett, VE Lembessis, D Ellinas, ...
Optics Express 15 (14), 8619-8625, 2007
Experimental observation of anomalous topological edge modes in a slowly driven photonic lattice
S Mukherjee, A Spracklen, M Valiente, E Andersson, P Öhberg, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
Slow light in degenerate Fermi gases
G Juzeliūnas, P Öhberg
Physical review letters 93 (3), 033602, 2004
Dark solitons in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate
P Öhberg, L Santos
Physical Review Letters 86 (14), 2918, 2001
Low-energy elementary excitations of a trapped Bose-condensed gas
P Öhberg, EL Surkov, I Tittonen, S Stenholm, M Wilkens, GV Shlyapnikov
Physical Review A 56 (5), R3346, 1997
Light-induced effective magnetic fields for ultracold atoms in planar geometries
G Juzeliūnas, J Ruseckas, P Öhberg, M Fleischhauer
Physical Review A 73 (2), 025602, 2006
Hartree-Fock treatment of the two-component Bose-Einstein condensate
P Öhberg, S Stenholm
Physical Review A 57 (2), 1272, 1998
Experimental observation of Aharonov-Bohm cages in photonic lattices
S Mukherjee, M Di Liberto, P Öhberg, RR Thomson, N Goldman
Physical review letters 121 (7), 075502, 2018
Effective magnetic fields in degenerate atomic gases induced by light beams with orbital angular momenta
G Juzeliūnas, P Öhberg, J Ruseckas, A Klein
Physical Review A 71 (5), 053614, 2005
Quasirelativistic behavior of cold atoms in light fields
G Juzeliūnas, J Ruseckas, M Lindberg, L Santos, P Öhberg
Physical Review A 77 (1), 011802, 2008
Entanglement of distant optomechanical systems
C Joshi, J Larson, M Jonson, E Andersson, P Öhberg
Physical Review A 85 (3), 033805, 2012
Dirac-Weyl fermions with arbitrary spin in two-dimensional optical superlattices
Z Lan, N Goldman, A Bermudez, W Lu, P Öhberg
Physical Review B 84 (16), 165115, 2011
Dynamical transition from a quasi-one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate to a Tonks-Girardeau gas
P Öhberg, L Santos
Physical review letters 89 (24), 240402, 2002
Chiral confinement in quasirelativistic Bose-Einstein condensates
M Merkl, A Jacob, FE Zimmer, P Öhberg, L Santos
Physical review letters 104 (7), 073603, 2010
Simulating an interacting gauge theory with ultracold Bose gases
MJ Edmonds, M Valiente, G Juzeliūnas, L Santos, P Öhberg
Physical Review Letters 110 (8), 085301, 2013
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