Achim Walter Hassel
Achim Walter Hassel
Professor of Chemistry, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
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Iron corrosion by novel anaerobic microorganisms
HT Dinh, J Kuever, M Mußmann, AW Hassel, M Stratmann, F Widdel
Nature 427 (6977), 829-832, 2004
Accelerated cathodic reaction in microbial corrosion of iron due to direct electron uptake by sulfate-reducing bacteria
H Venzlaff, D Enning, J Srinivasan, KJJ Mayrhofer, AW Hassel, F Widdel, ...
Corrosion Science 66, 88-96, 2013
Marine sulfate‐reducing bacteria cause serious corrosion of iron under electroconductive biogenic mineral crust
D Enning, H Venzlaff, J Garrelfs, HT Dinh, V Meyer, K Mayrhofer, ...
Environmental microbiology 14 (7), 1772-1787, 2012
The scanning droplet cell and its application to structured nanometer oxide films on aluminium
AW Hassel, MM Lohrengel
Electrochimica Acta 42 (20-22), 3327-3333, 1997
The scanning droplet cell and its application to structured nanometer oxide films on aluminium
AW Hassel, MM Lohrengel
Electrochimica Acta 42 (20-22), 3327-3333, 1997
An agar-based silver| silver chloride reference electrode for use in micro-electrochemistry
AW Hassel, K Fushimi, M Seo
Electrochemistry communications 1 (5), 180-183, 1999
Anodized aluminum oxide thin films for room‐temperature‐processed, flexible, low‐voltage organic non‐volatile memory elements with excellent charge retention
M Kaltenbrunner, P Stadler, R Schwödiauer, AW Hassel, NS Sariciftci, ...
Advanced Materials 23 (42), 4892-4896, 2011
Nanostructured columnlike tungsten oxide film by anodizing Al/W/Ti layers on Si
A Mozalev, V Khatko, C Bittencourt, AW Hassel, G Gorokh, E Llobet, ...
Chemistry of materials 20 (20), 6482-6493, 2008
Corrosion of press-hardened galvanized steel
R Autengruber, G Luckeneder, AW Hassel
Corrosion science 63, 12-19, 2012
Tuning the magnetic properties of metal oxide nanocrystal heterostructures by cation exchange
M Sytnyk, R Kirchschlager, MI Bodnarchuk, D Primetzhofer, D Kriegner, ...
Nano letters 13 (2), 586-593, 2013
Growth of multioxide planar film with the nanoscale inner structure via anodizing Al/Ta layers on Si
A Mozalev, AJ Smith, S Borodin, A Plihauka, AW Hassel, M Sakairi, ...
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Aluminium oxide tunnel junctions: influence of preparation technique, sample geometry and oxide thickness
D Diesing, AW Hassel, MM Lohrengel
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Electropolishing of NiTi shape memory alloys in methanolic H2SO4
K Fushimi, M Stratmann, AW Hassel
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Breakdown of ultrathin anodic valve metal oxide films in metal-insulator-metal-contacts compared with metal-insulator-electrolyte contacts
AW Hassel, D Diesing
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Biofunctionalized conductive polymers enable efficient CO2 electroreduction
H Coskun, A Aljabour, P De Luna, D Farka, T Greunz, D Stifter, M Kus, ...
Science advances 3 (8), e1700686, 2017
A microelectrochemical scanning flow cell with downstream analytics
SO Klemm, JC Schauer, B Schuhmacher, AW Hassel
Electrochimica Acta 56 (11), 4315-4321, 2011
Nanomechanics of single crystalline tungsten nanowires
V Cimalla, CC Röhlig, J Pezoldt, M Niebelschütz, O Ambacher, ...
Journal of Nanomaterials 2008, 2008
Nanostructures from directionally solidified NiAl–W eutectic alloys
AW Hassel, AJ Smith, S Milenkovic
Electrochimica Acta 52 (4), 1799-1804, 2006
The voltage–time behaviour for porous anodizing of aluminium in a fluoride-containing oxalic acid electrolyte
A Mozalev, A Poznyak, I Mozaleva, AW Hassel
Electrochemistry communications 3 (6), 299-305, 2001
Characterization of thin anodic oxides of Ti–Nb alloys by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
MT Woldemedhin, D Raabe, AW Hassel
Electrochimica Acta 82, 324-332, 2012
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