Sebastian J. Goerg
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Symmetric vs. asymmetric punishment regimes for collusive bribery
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SJ Goerg, S Kube
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SJ Goerg
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P Brookins, S Goerg, S Kube
Unpublished manuscript, 2017
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M Babington, SJ Goerg, C Kitchens
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Cui bono, benefit corporation? An experiment inspired by social enterprise legislation in Germany and the US
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Motivated belief updating and rationalization of information
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Management Science, 2024
In wrong anticipation-miscalibrated beliefs between Germans, Israelis, and Palestinians
SJ Goerg, H Hennig-Schmidt, G Walkowitz, E Winter
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T Chmura, SJ Goerg, R Selten
Review of Behavioral Economics 1 (1-2), 27-53, 2014
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