Roberto Orosei
Roberto Orosei
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Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars
R Orosei, SE Lauro, E Pettinelli, A Cicchetti, M Coradini, B Cosciotti, ...
Science 361 (6401), 490-493, 2018
Radar soundings of the subsurface of Mars
G Picardi, JJ Plaut, D Biccari, O Bombaci, D Calabrese, M Cartacci, ...
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RJ Phillips, MT Zuber, SE Smrekar, MT Mellon, JW Head, KL Tanaka, ...
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SHARAD sounding radar on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
R Seu, RJ Phillips, D Biccari, R Orosei, A Masdea, G Picardi, A Safaeinili, ...
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RMC Lopes, KL Mitchell, ER Stofan, JI Lunine, R Lorenz, F Paganelli, ...
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SHARAD: The MRO 2005 shallow radar
R Seu, D Biccari, R Orosei, LV Lorenzoni, RJ Phillips, L Marinangeli, ...
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MC De Sanctis, F Capaccioni, M Ciarniello, G Filacchione, M Formisano, ...
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Multiple subglacial water bodies below the south pole of Mars unveiled by new MARSIS data
SE Lauro, E Pettinelli, G Caprarelli, L Guallini, AP Rossi, E Mattei, ...
Nature Astronomy 5 (1), 63-70, 2021
The Mars express MARSIS sounder instrument
R Jordan, G Picardi, J Plaut, K Wheeler, D Kirchner, A Safaeinili, ...
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TR Watters, B Campbell, L Carter, CJ Leuschen, JJ Plaut, G Picardi, ...
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JIRAM, the Jovian infrared auroral mapper
A Adriani, G Filacchione, T Di Iorio, D Turrini, R Noschese, A Cicchetti, ...
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G Filacchione, MC De Sanctis, F Capaccioni, A Raponi, F Tosi, ...
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Heat and gas diffusion in comet nuclei
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International Space Science Institute, 2006
Accumulation and erosion of Mars' south polar layered deposits
R Seu, RJ Phillips, G Alberti, D Biccari, F Bonaventura, M Bortone, ...
Science 317 (5845), 1715-1718, 2007
RIME: Radar for icy moon exploration
L Bruzzone, JJ Plaut, G Alberti, DD Blankenship, F Bovolo, BA Campbell, ...
2013 IEEE international geoscience and remote sensing symposium-IGARSS, 3907 …, 2013
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