Peihan Miao
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Laconic oblivious transfer and its applications
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Annual International Cryptology Conference, 33-65, 2017
Decentralized anonymous micropayments
A Chiesa, M Green, J Liu, P Miao, I Miers, P Mishra
Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of …, 2017
Private set intersection in the internet setting from lightweight oblivious PRF
M Chase, P Miao
Annual International Cryptology Conference, 34-63, 2020
PASTA: password-based threshold authentication
S Agrawal, P Miao, P Mohassel, P Mukherjee
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Secure multiparty RAM computation in constant rounds
S Garg, D Gupta, P Miao, O Pandey
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Two-sided malicious security for private intersection-sum with cardinality
P Miao, S Patel, M Raykova, K Seth, M Yung
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Obfuscation from low noise multilinear maps
N Döttling, S Garg, D Gupta, P Miao, P Mukherjee
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Multi-party threshold private set intersection with sublinear communication
S Badrinarayanan, P Miao, S Raghuraman, P Rindal
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Number of lines in hypergraphs
P Aboulker, A Bondy, X Chen, E Chiniforooshan, V Chvátal, P Miao
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Two-round multiparty secure computation minimizing public key operations
S Garg, P Miao, A Srinivasan
Annual International Cryptology Conference, 273-301, 2018
Cut-and-choose for garbled RAM
P Miao
Cryptographers’ Track at the RSA Conference, 610-637, 2020
Graph metric with no proper inclusion between lines
X Chen, G Huzhang, P Miao, K Yang
Discrete Applied Mathematics 185, 59-70, 2015
Secretary markets with local information
N Chen, M Hoefer, M Künnemann, C Lin, P Miao
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Password based threshold token generation
P Mohassel, S Agrawal, P Mukherjee, P Miao
US Patent App. 17/053,022, 2021
On the round complexity of fully secure solitary MPC with honest majority
S Badrinarayanan, P Miao, P Mukherjee, D Ravi
Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2021
Unidirectional updatable encryption and proxy re-encryption from ddh or lwe
P Miao, S Patranabis, G Watson
Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2022
Updatable Private Set Intersection
S Badrinarayanan, P Miao, T Xie
Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2021
Efficient Leakage Resilient Secret Sharing
P Miao, A Srinivasan, PN Vasudevan
Amortizing Rate-1 OT and Applications to PIR and PSI
M Chase, S Garg, M Hajiabadi, J Li, P Miao
Theory of Cryptography Conference, 126-156, 2021
Round-efficient fully secure solitary multi-party computation with honest majority
S Badrinarayanan, P Mukherjee, D Ravi, P Miao
US Patent App. 17/330,234, 2021
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