Leszek J Chmielewski
Leszek J Chmielewski
Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics - WZIM, Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW
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TytułCytowane przezRok
Morphological detection and feature-based classification of cracked regions in ferrites
M Nieniewski, L Chmielewski, A Jóźwik, M Skłodowski
Machine Graphics and Vision 8 (4), 699-712, 1999
Image registration
L Chmielewski, D Kozińska
3rd Polish Conference on Computer Pattern Recognition Systems KOSYR 2003, 26-29, 2003
Evaluation of set-up deviations during the irradiation of patients suffering from breast cancer treated with two different techniques
PF Kukołowicz, A Dąbrowski, P Gut, L Chmielewski, A Wieczorek, ...
Radiotherapy and oncology 75 (1), 22-27, 2005
Edge-based robust image registration for incomplete and partly erroneous data
P Gut, L Chmielewski, P Kukołowicz, A Dąbrowski
Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, 309-316, 2001
A 1-NN preclassifier for fuzzy k-NN Rule
A Jóźwik, L Chmielewski, W Cudny, M Skłodowski
Proc. 13th Int. Conf. Pattern Recognition ICPR '96, Wien, Austria, D-234 - D-238, 1996
Assessment of the quality of radiotherapy with the use of portal and simulation images-the method and the software
L Chmielewski, P Kukołowicz, P Gut, A Dąbrowski
Journal of Medical Informatics & Technologies 3, MI-171--MI-179, 2002
Fuzzy Hough transform-based methods for extraction and measurements of single trees in large-volume 3D terrestrial LIDAR data
LJ Chmielewski, M Bator, M Zasada, K Stereńczak, P Strzeliński
International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics, 265-274, 2010
Obrazowanie Biomedyczne
LJ Chmielewski, JL Kulikowski, A Nowakowski
Akademicka Oficyna Wydawnicza EXIT, 2003
Detection of non-parametric lines by evidence accumulation: Finding blood vessels in mammograms
LJ Chmielewski
Computer Vision and Graphics, 373-380, 2006
Specification of the evidence accumulation-based line detection algorithm
LJ Chmielewski
Computer Recognition Systems - Advances in Soft Computing 30, 355-362, 2005
A parallel net of (1-NN, k-NN) classifier for optical inspection of surface defects in ferrites
A Jóźwik, L Chmielewski, M Skłodowski, W Cudny
Machine Graphics & Vision 7 (1-2), 99-112, 1998
Computer Vision and Graphics
L Bolc, R Tadeusiewicz, K Wojciechowski, LJ Chmielewski
International Conference on Computer Vison and Graphics, ICCVG 2010, Warsaw …, 2010
Hough transform for lines with slope defined by a pair of co-primes
LJ Chmielewski, A Orłowski
Machine Graphics & Vision 22 (1/4), 17-25, 2013
Fuzzy histograms, weak fuzzification and accumulation of periodic quantities
LJ Chmielewski
Pattern Analysis & Applications 9 (2), 189-210, 2006
Choice of the Hough transform for image registration
L Chmielewski
Proceedings of SPIE 5505, 122-134, 2003
Finding Line Segments in the Ulam Square with the Hough Transform
LJ Chmielewski, A Orłowski
International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics ICCVG 2016, 617-626, 2016
Detection of Surface Defects of Type ‘orange skin’ in Furniture Elements with Conventional Image Processing Methods
LJ Chmielewski, A Orłowski, K Śmietańska, J Górski, K Krajewski, ...
Image and Video Technology–PSIVT 2015 Workshops, 26-37, 2015
Computer Vision and Graphics
L Bolc, R Tadeusiewicz, LJ Chmielewski, K Wojciechowski
International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics ICCVG 2012, Warsaw …, 2012
Finding regions of interest for cancerous masses enhanced by elimination of linear structures and considerations on detection correctness measures in mammography
M Bator, LJ Chmielewski
Pattern Analysis and Applications 12 (4), 377-390, 2009
Scale and Rotation Invariance of the Evidence Accumulation-Based Line Detection Algorithm
LJ Chmielewski
Computer Recognition Systems - Advances in Soft Computing 30, 363-370, 2005
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