Ivo Pietro Degiovanni
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Experimental realization of quantum illumination
ED Lopaeva, I Ruo Berchera, IP Degiovanni, S Olivares, G Brida, ...
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Metrology of single-photon sources and detectors: a review
CJ Chunnilall, IP Degiovanni, S Kück, I Müller, AG Sinclair
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Beating the Abbe diffraction limit in confocal microscopy via nonclassical photon statistics
D Gatto Monticone, K Katamadze, P Traina, E Moreva, J Forneris, ...
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SD Tchernij, T Herzig, J Forneris, J Kupper, S Pezzagna, P Traina, ...
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Quantum imaging with sub-Poissonian light: challenges and perspectives in optical metrology
IR Berchera, IP Degiovanni
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Measuring incompatible observables by exploiting sequential weak values
F Piacentini, A Avella, MP Levi, M Gramegna, G Brida, IP Degiovanni, ...
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Quantum characterization of superconducting photon counters
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Single-photon emitters in lead-implanted single-crystal diamond
S Ditalia Tchernij, T Luhmann, T Herzig, J Kupper, A Damin, ...
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Reduced deadtime and higher rate photon-counting detection using a multiplexed detector array
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Experimental realization of a low-noise heralded single-photon source
G Brida, IP Degiovanni, M Genovese, A Migdall, F Piacentini, ...
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Detection of multimode spatial correlation in PDC and application to the absolute calibration of a CCD camera
G Brida, IP Degiovanni, M Genovese, ML Rastello, I Ruo-Berchera
Optics Express 18 (20), 20572-20584, 2010
Coherent phase transfer for real-world twin-field quantum key distribution
C Clivati, A Meda, S Donadello, S Virzì, M Genovese, F Levi, A Mura, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 157, 2022
An extremely low-noise heralded single-photon source: A breakthrough for quantum technologies
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Experimental realization of counterfactual quantum cryptography
G Brida, A Cavanna, IP Degiovanni, M Genovese, P Traina
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Determining the quantum expectation value by measuring a single photon
F Piacentini, A Avella, E Rebufello, R Lussana, F Villa, A Tosi, ...
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Quantum light in coupled interferometers for quantum gravity tests
I Ruo Berchera, IP Degiovanni, S Olivares, M Genovese
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Experimental estimation of entanglement at the quantum limit
G Brida, IP Degiovanni, A Florio, M Genovese, P Giorda, A Meda, ...
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Experiment investigating the connection between weak values and contextuality
F Piacentini, A Avella, MP Levi, R Lussana, F Villa, A Tosi, F Zappa, ...
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Quantum dense key distribution
IP Degiovanni, IR Berchera, S Castelletto, ML Rastello, FA Bovino, ...
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Quantum efficiency and dead time of single-photon counting photodiodes: a comparison between two measurement techniques
G Brida, S Castelletto, IP Degiovanni, C Novero, ML Rastello
Metrologia 37 (5), 625, 2000
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